Propellerhead Newsletter

Summer is over and while we have been enjoying some time off, material for the newsletter has been piling up, so here it is: the extra super duper filled August issue!

In this issue:

  • Artist story: Cobra Starship
  • Introducing Record U - Recording guitar
  • Record Open Beta - invite a friend!
  • Learn Reason Online with
  • New ReFills in the PropShop
  • New Producers Conference dates announced
  • Free trial month of Reason Wizardry
  • Record Micro tutorial 10 - Reusing your recordings
  • Straight from the interwebs - useful stuff we've found


Artist story: Cobra Starship

New Yorkers Cobra Starship have created a cult following over the last couple of years with their blend of pop, electronic and weird humor too. We met with them in the New Jersey studio where they were the putting final touches to their third album 'Hot Mess' which is out now.

In the interview, we also got a Reason introduction for beginners. The Cobras, pretty much learning Reason as they wrote and produced the album, show how they are using Reason in their writing and how to get going as a beginner.

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Introducing Record U - Recording Guitar

Welcome to Record U, University of Recording. Record U is a series of articles created for those who are new to Propellerhead Record, or recording in general. This article series will explain fundamental recording topics that are useful for all Record users, but also for users of any audio software.

The first article explains the basics of recording guitar, either from a guitar amp or directly through the Line 6 device in Record.

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Record Open Beta - invite a friend!

As you may already know, Record Open Beta is your chance to try out a fully working version of Record until its release on September 9. As the release date is approaching, here is an invite code to invite a friend to try Record. Or use it yourself if you haven't signed up already.

Your invite code:

Go to to sign up!


Learn Reason online with, the online continuing education division of Berklee College of Music, offers Reason online courses and certificate programs for all skill levels. Master the tools and techniques needed to compose, record, remix, improvise, produce and edit your musical ideas using Propellerhead Reason. Enrollment is now open for the Fall term starting on September 28th.

Click below to learn more about the courses and to try a free Reason lesson


New ReFills in the PropShop

This month's ReFill craze brings four new titles from Nucleus SoundLab, Goldbaby and Bitword to the PropShop:

Bitword Oxide 128 Volume One Oxide 128 captures the vibe of Electro House, Minimal House, IDM, EBM, and other styles of Electronica for the sake of building something new, but not too distant.

Goldbaby XRB ReFill A huge palette of quality drum samples, Redrum kits, REX Files, RV7000 patches, Scream 4 patches, Subtractor patches and useful Combinator drum machines.

Goldbaby Vinyl Drum Machines 14 drum machines all recorded on vinyl. Then played back on 3 different turntables. Then cut up into 1468 one shot drum sounds.

Nucleus SoundLab OB Resurrection OB Resurrection is a stunning new ReFill created by Nucleus SoundLab focused on evolving classic analog synth sounds into the new millennium.

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New Producers Conference dates announced

The Producers Conference: a broad set of creative clinics and interactive classes for computer musicians. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get the inside track on advanced production techniques, song writing, mixing methods and more. Be there!

New dates:
September 5 - Tokyo, Japan
Details TBA

September 12 - San Francisco, CA
Gerry Basserman
Kurt Kurasaki
Michael Winger
Jeremy Ellis

September 13 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Simon Grey
Marco Raaphorst
Coen Molenaar
Matthias Zalepa

September 26 - Toronto, CA
Jeff Wolpert
Jeremy Janzen
James Bernard
Lucas Rezza
Paul Irvine

Full details about the upcoming conferences can be found at


Free trial month of Reason Wizardry

Nucleus SoundLab has released Reason Wizardry. Reason Wizardry is a monthly series of advanced Reason video tutorials available on a subscription basis. Instead of covering basic topics that most Reason users are familiar with, Wizardry skips right to the good stuff by teaching you advanced techniques that will help you get the most out of Reason. Your Reason knowledge will be taken to the next level with Wizardry!

Nucleus SoundLab is happy to offer all Propellerhead newsletter subscribers a free trial month of Reason Wizardry. Give it a try with no risk, and see how much difference it can make to your music!


Record Micro Tutorial Part 10 - Reusing your recordings

In case you missed it: in microtutorial 10 we show how you can mix pieces from different songs and recording sessions, as well as spice up your tracks with REX loops. Check it out


Straight from the interwebs - useful stuff we've found

Here's some good stuff from the big big world out there:

In the Studio with Ming (Volume 2)
Using Propellerhead Reason 4, Ming demonstrates how to modify a synth sound with effects to make it your own. (

How to Create and Use .REX Files
The REX format is the only cross-application and cross-platform format for tempo-independent grooves and although the .REX file format has been around for some time now, it is still arguably the best way of storing our tempo sync-able loops. (

Reason CV/Gate to Analog Synths
Reason may not have MIDI out, but with a good audio interface, Peff's custom Thor patch and a little determination, you can control your old analog synths from Reason.