Propellerhead Newsletter September 23, 2009

As you probably know, Record is now shipping, and all over the world new Record users are enjoying a boost of creativity and productivity. We hope. Here is the September 2009 newsletter:

In this issue:

  • Tutorial: Remixing in Record and Reason with Mocean Worker
  • Discovering Reason - Thor #11 Wavetable synthesis
  • Record micro tutorial 14: Vocoding
  • New ReFills in the web shop
  • World wide events
  • Straight from the interwebs

Tutorial: Remixing in Record and Reason with Mocean Worker

What better way to test and learn to use new software than diving straight in with a deadline-tagged project? Our dear friend Adam Dorn (aka Mocean Worker) got his hands on a very early beta version of Record and decided to use it for his Remix of UK soul singer Alice Russell's song All Alone. In this tutorial video, Adam explains how he approached the project and how Record features such as time stretch and its mixing desk were an integral part of the production.

Being a long time Reason user, Adam immediately felt at home in Record and was up and running in no time using the same tools and essentially the same sequencer as in Reason.
See the tutorial


Discovering Reason - Thor #11 Wavetable synthesis

Gordon Reid continues his series of Mariana Trench-deep in-depth looks at the various parts of Reason's most thunderous synth: Thor. This time it's the Wavetable oscillator that's in focus. Wavetable synthesis was pioneered by German synth makers PPG in the 80s and you can hear the PPG sound on countless classic recordings. With its crisp and glacial sound, the Wavetable oscillator is a very useful tool and well worth learning more about.
Discovering Reason - Thor #11 Wavetable synthesis


Record Micro Tutorial 14: Vocoding in Record

The ever growing, ever popular series of Record micro tutorials continues. This time, we'll conjure up Reason's BV-512 vocoder and learn how to set it up for live audio input in Record and how to record the vocoded audio onto an audio track. We will also learn how to apply vocoder on an existing audio track.
Micro tutorial 14 - Vocoding


New ReFills in the web shop
New in the online store this month: viral synth sounds, courtesy of Nucleus SoundLab; Pure Drum and Bass from Loopmasters; and the massive Infinite Element ReFill from Push Button Bang. Check the product pages in the web shop for audio demos.

About the ReFills

Viral Outbreak from Nucleus SoundLab is based on the sounds of the Virus TI synthesizer. Using the power of extensive multisampling, manual looping and professional preset design, Nucleus SoundLab brings this powerful electronica sound to Reason!

Pure Drum and Bass is a fresh collection of heavyweight basses, dirty beats and hardcore dancefloor pressure inspired by the dirtier end of the Drum & Bass musical spectrum — with Beats and Basslines that just make you want to skank and rinse out!

Infinite Element is packed full of high quality, original and diverse sound tools for your Reason musical needs. The Refill features over 1250 powerful, easy to use Combinators for every conceivable purpose.

Get 'em 'ere


World Wide Events

Guitar Center Sessions (NYC & LA)
In cooperation with Line 6 & Guitar Center there will be two production workshops at Guitar Center in Manhattan (October 6) and West LA (October 22). Propellerhead and Line 6 product specialists and will present Record in detail, showing how Propellerhead's latest offering can help you in your music making.

For full information, go here!


The Producer's Conference in Toronto has been postponed - new date will be November 7th. For full info and tickets, please visit the Producers Conference page.

Record Like a Pro - Canada Tour
Come out and see why Record has caused such buzz and learn how it can greatly enhance and simplify your recording life. Clinics are planned in most major centers in Canada. By attending a Record clinic, you can enter your name into a draw for a MusicXPC Pro M1511 Music Production Laptop. A few dates are still remaining. Register now!


Straight from the Interwebs

Our monthly round-up of cool and useful stuff for Propellerhead users have found these gems:

Reason France
For the French-speaking Reason user, this is the place to find tutorials, information and people to talk to. Reason France has been around for a long time and if you haven't checked it out - do so!

Peff - Slaving DIN sync to Reason
Last month we linked to Peff's page about using audio outputs as CV/Gate to control vintage synths from Reason. Peff didn't stop there but has gone and developed a way to create clock pulses in Reason to slave his 303 from Reason. Check out his page and don't miss the video demos at the bottom.

Music Radar - 12 things you must know about Record
Good reading if you want to know more about Record: 12 things you must know about Record.