Propellerhead Newsletter October 14, 2009

In this issue:

  • Artist story: Anti Pop Consortium
  • Record U: Tools for Mixing: EQ
  • Record Micro Tutorial: Fun with REX files
  • World-wide events:
    • TPC Chicago - October 17
    • 4Sound clinics, Stockholm - October 28
    • Mixmove Sessions, Paris - October 30, 31
    • TPC Montreal - November 7
  • Straight from the interwebs


Artist story: Anti Pop Consortium

New York City's own alternative hip hop vanguard has reunited and is back with a new album after a seven year hiatus. Fluorescent Black is a fresh take on the mix of hip hop and synth-rich, glitchy IDM influences that has become their trade mark sound. We traveled to meet with High Priest, one fourth of the group, in East New York, Brooklyn. In the interview, High Priest explains how the group began using software such as Reason in their production. We also get a peek inside the programming work on Capricorn One, one of the tracks from the latest album.

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Record U - Tools for Mixing: EQ

The second installment of the Record U series of recording tutorials is now available. This time, we're starting to look at the secrets of mixing, with an introduction to what role EQ plays in clearing up a muddy mix. We'll learn how the various filters in a fully featured EQ section such as Record's are used and what they actually do to sound. Yes, there are plenty of diagrams and audio examples too.

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Record Micro Tutorial: Fun with REX files

In the 16th (wow 16th!) Record Micro Tutorial, we will look at some cool uses for REX files in Record. For years, Reason users have used the Dr.REX Loop Player to add REX files to their tracks. Dr.REX is still what you want to use to program fills, variations and rearrangements of your REX loops, but Record can pull off a few tricks that the honorable Doctor can't.

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World-wide events

The Propellerhead universe is always in motion. This is what's happening in the next few weeks, perhaps in a location near you?

The Producers Conference - Chicago
October 17
Chicago Recording Company


  • James Bernard
    Propellerhead's product specialist will present Record: Design Concept and Interface — Creating with 'flow' and Record: Expanding your Sonic Palette with Reason Integration and Advanced Tips

  • Matt Piper
    Line 6 product specialist, author of Reason 4 Ignite will present Unleashing Creativity with Record.

  • John Herndon, Jeff Parker (Tortoise) and Joshua Abrams
    Live improv jazz trio shows recording in real-time with Record.

  • Chris Steinmetz
    Renowned engineer Chris Steinmetz will discuss microphone technique, EQ, dynamics processing and other vital recording concepts.

For full information and tickets, visit The Producers Conference website.

4Sound Clinic Day - Stockholm
October 28, 18:00
4Sound Stockholm
Folkungagatan 54

Experience Record with your own ears! Product Specialist Jonas Löfvenmark will be there to show just how easy it is to record music with brand new Record.

Propellerhead and SCV Hi-TeCH @ Mixmove Sessions
Paris, October 30, 31

SCV Hi-TeCH will be present during Mixmove Sessions in Paris, at the Centre Musical FGO Barbara. Come and see Propellerhead Record in action during the Record class, presented by our product specialist. Propellerhead products will also be shown in the SCV Hi-TeCH studio.

- Record classroom, level 3 : Friday 4 pm to 5pm, Saturday 12:30 to 13:30
- SCV Hi-TeCH studio, level 2 : free access, every day, 11:00 to 8:00

Centre Musical FGO Barbara
1 rue Fleury
75018 PARIS

More info: go here

The Producers Conference - Toronto, Canada
November 7th, 2009 from 1pm to 5pm
Long & McQuade
925 Bloor St. W.

Get Your Ticket Now!
Tickets are $25.00.
For registered owners of any Propellerhead product: $10.00.


Workshops from:

  • Jeff Wolpert (Juno Award winning Recording Engineer) - recording techniques and concrete approaches for better sounding music recordings.

  • Jeremy Janzen, Lead Designer at Nucleus SoundLab, will discuss the making of his Synthetic Kits Refill.

  • James Bernard will show us the ins and outs of Record.

  • Derek Brin will focus his presentation on his approach to recording in a project studio and techniques he uses for making his music sound so great.

  • Paul Irvine's presentation will focus on legal issues surrounding song-writing, copyrights and publishing, and how best to equip and protect your interests once you have recordings perfected and ready for others to hear.

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Straight from the interwebs

Here's some good stuff from the big big world out there:

AudioTuts: The Secrets of Great Sounding Percussion in Reason
"Reason is a great program for percussion, particularly with the ease of use of the Redrum drum machine. However, stock sounds won't always cut it, so in this tutorial, we'll look at some secrets for turning those stock sounds into unique masterpieces."

Remix Mag: Make NNXT Patches Scream With Thor's Filters
"One thing I love to do with some of the more traditional sounds (like pianos or strings) is to run them through the awesome-sounding analog filter banks on the new Thor synthesizer. This is so much fun in real life, and works just as well inside Reason."