Propellerhead Newsletter

Welcome to the last newsletter for 2009. As we close this year we can look back at an exciting year for us here at Propellerhead Software, and for many of our users. This last issue is packed with tutorial goodness - a perfect companion for some well earned time off during the holidays maybe?

In this issue:

  • Web shop discount on third party ReFills
  • Record Micro Tutorial 17 - De-essing in Record
  • Record U: Essentials of mixing — Gain, Level and Pan
  • Discovering Reason: Thor's Wavetable Oscillator, pt 2
  • RM 64 Artists Record - living with music, 21st century style
  • IMSTA needs your input on software piracy
  • Now in the web shop: Pantheon II from Nucleus SoundLab
  • Straight from the Interwebs - stuff we like


Web shop discount on third party ReFills

If you missed this offer when it was sent out last week — here's another chance. If you already used your rebate code - here's one more! The Propellerhead online store offers a range of carefully selected downloadable ReFills from third party producers. Use this ReBate Code for a 10% discount on your perfect inspiration boost today — including the brand new
Pantheon II ReFill (see below):


Enter your code during checkout in the Shop for a 10% discount on all ReFills in the Third Party section.

Third Party ReFills


Record Micro Tutorial 17 - De-essing in Record

De-essing is the process to reduce those nasty sharp 's' sounds that can cut through your mix and wreak sonic havoc on your latest ballad. Ok, maybe that specific use case does not apply to you, but a de-esser is a very useful tool that can help you balance a mix. "But Record does not have a De-esser effect", you might say. That's true. But as usual with Reason and Record, there is a routing solution to every problem.

Check out the latest micro tutorial to learn one easy and one super easy way to de-ess your recordings.

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Record U: Essentials of mixing - Gain, Level and Pan

Prepare to get schooled again as Record U continues its Essentials Of Mixing series. This time, writer Ernie Rideout is giving us a very thorough introduction to some of the most basic (but not at all trivial) concepts of mixing: gain, level and pan. Get the lowdown on fancy words like phase, balance and perspective and how mastering these topics can improve your mixes.

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Discovering Reason: Thor's Wavetable Oscillator, pt 2

In the closing chapter of his exposé of Thor's various oscillator types, Gordon Reid takes a deeper look at the Wavetable oscillator and goes through the wavetable approach to constructing everything from a didgeridoo to an 80s sounding brass section. No filters as usual.

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RM 64 Artists Record - living with music, 21st century style

If you are reading this, there's a good chance you are making music in one way or another. Being in a band and hoping to propel your passion for music into a career is a situation that's familiar to a lot of our readers for sure. Today, that journey is a lot different than it was only ten years ago, much due to the profound changes that the recording industry is going through and the abundance of recording technology available.

Propellerhead Software teamed up with leading A&R consulting agency Room 64 to launch - a blog where seven unsigned, promising bands are documenting their musical lives in text, audio and video. This project isn't a reality tv show with a thinly veiled script. It's real life, as lived and played and documented by the musicians who are creating their music.

At the RM64 Artists Record's website, you'll follow as L.A.-based duo All Wrong & Plans Change, Austin's folk/rock band The Eastern Sea, Salt Lake City rockers The Devil Whale, NYC-based pop artists The Narrative, Midwest electro-pop-punkers Sweatshirt Weather, Atlanta's raw The 54, and singer/songwriter and guitar shredder Bud Carroll tell their day-to-day stories in their own words and videos.

We will follow the bands through song writing sessions, rehearsals, car mishaps in the New Mexico desert, recording sessions and learn about their life with music.

Here at the Propellerhead HQ we have been spellbound since the blog launched a few weeks ago. Unputdownable, to borrow a term from the book publishing industry.


IMSTA needs your input on software piracy

IMSTA is a nonprofit association which strives to inform music software users about the effects of software piracy on the music software industry. We believe that through education, we can change end-user behavior over time and reduce the demand for pirated software. Propellerhead is a proud member and supporter of IMSTA since the start.

Right now, IMSTA is hosting a survey to get feedback from music software users on their views on, and perhaps use of, pirated software. Needless to say, all information will be handled anonymously, as IMSTA is not about pursuing or prosecuting illegal software use.

Take the survey and you'll have a chance to win big! There's a prize draw with some really nice and useful prizes from IMSTA's member companies.

Take the IMSTA survey!


Now in the web shop: Pantheon II from Nucleus SoundLab

Pantheon II carries on the the fine lineage set by the original, with a massive new variety of intricately constructed patches ready to inspire you.

Malstrom/Thor hybrid synthesizers are featured; hardware-inspired monophonic beasts are uncovered; the Thor Step Sequencer is harnessed and taken to the next level; massive atmospheric washes using wavetable and FM are explored; and RPG8 creates both classic dance arpeggios and exotic and delicate physically-modelled algorithmic patterns.

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Straight from the interwebs - stuff we found out there

Here's a bunch of cool and useful links that we've found!

Talkbox bonanza! Line 6's own Propellerhead Product Specialist Matt Piper has released an awesome new video tutorial on vocoding with guitar

Learn how to master your songs in Record from Audiotuts' Mo Volans

In the fifth post over at the Phi Sequence blog we'll learn how to create a "grain sampler" in Reason

Our US distributor Line 6 has a tasty and free offer: Free tutorial videos! Kurt Kurasaki (aka Peff) will guide beginners and experts alike through the crucial ins and outs of Reason and Record

Nucleus SoundLab has released a nice gift for the Reason community. A full issue of their Reason Wizardry video tutorials — concentrating on audio-rate modulations using Thor — is now available for free on Vimeo!

Can't get enough of Josh Mobleys fantastic demo songs for Propellerhead products like Reason version 4, Record and Abbey Road Keyboards? The songs are now available as the album Songs for Software from the iTunes music store, at least if you can shop from the US store.