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Welcome to first newsletter of 2010. We hope this finds you rested after the holiday season, and not too troubled by the cold temperatures that seem to have taken an icy grip on large parts of the planet. First off - an important message.

The survivors of the Haiti earthquake need all the support they can get. Propellerhead Software has made a donation to the Red Cross Haiti relief and we urge you to do the same.

You can donate directly to the Red Cross (International | Swedish), or by adding a Haiti disaster relief donation to your next order from the Propellerhead web shop (available on checkout). All donations received will go directly to the international Red Cross / Red Cresent Haiti aid effort. We thank you for your support.

In this issue:

  • Artist story - Super Adventure Club; Drums & Bass & Laptops.
  • Record U: Recording vocals - "...arguably the toughest job in the recording studio."
  • Record Micro Tutorial: Sidechain - demystifying the how and why of sidechaining.
  • New pricing for Reason - as good as it ever was, but now even more affordable.
  • New ReFills in the PropShop - two new ReFills added.
  • - living with music, 21st century style
  • Straight from the Interwebs - good stuff from the tubes.


Artist story: Super Adventure Club

Super Adventure Club is Michael Winger and Jake Wood, and they want to rock your world with drums, bass and a couple of laptops. Winger has recorded and engineered for big names like Kronos Quartet and Feist. Wood is a freelance drummer and teacher. The duo plays Reason via ReWire to achieve a wide palette of tones, while playing drums, bass and singing at the same time!

They'll be showing us how they use Reason in their multi tasking live performances.

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Record U: Recording vocals

Gary Bromham addresses the subject of selecting the best mic for the job, and then how to use it to best effect in Record. And he should know - he's worked with Björk, George Michael, Sheryl Crowe, and Graham Coxon.

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Record Micro Tutorial: Sidechaining

In this, the latest in the series, we're looking at two different ways to hook up sidechain compression using the Record mixer dynamics section and the M-Class compressor to create some sidechained pumping pads.

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New price on Reason

Just in case you missed it, as of January 1st 2010, Reason is now even more affordable. With a new and lower price for Reason, the Record Reason Duo, and the Reason Premium Edition Bundle, this might be just the deal you have been waiting for! Contact your reseller or visit the PropShop for our new pricing!
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There's also good news for Reason Adapted owners wanting to upgrade to Reason together with Record; you can now find the Reason + Record upgrade for Reason Adapted owners in the PropShop.
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New ReFills in the PropShop

New in the online store this month: Bitword's Oxide Kits volume 2 offers percussive oddities and musical noises. Uniphonic brings Auditory Vortex, a vortex of sounds all created with Thor.

About the ReFills
Bitword - Oxide Kits vol.2
As a composer, Oxide Kits Volume 2 will offer inspiration with percussive oddities, and musical noises, but it will also serve sound design needs as a stinger, and impact creation tool for film, television, and multimedia production. Playing a chord can often leave quite an impact. Mapped for the NN-XT, ReDrum, and custom Combinators, these kits are ready to be played, or further manipulated.

Uniphonic - Auditory Vortex
Auditory Vortex ReFill focuses on highly playable and musical sounds, all based on Reason's Thor synthesizer. From unusual ethnic sounds to un-earthly circuits calling from another realm, you'll find many fresh sounds here to enhance just about any style of music. An abundance of phat synth leads. Many shimmering pads that have lots of depth and movement. Thick basses, ready to kick a hole in your track.

Go to the PropShop - living with music, 21st century style

Announced last month, RM64 Artists Record is a blog where seven unsigned, promising bands are documenting their musical lives in text, audio and video - launched by Propellerhead Software and leading A&R consulting agency Room 64.

Told in their own words and videos, we follow the bands through song writing sessions, rehearsals, car mishaps in the New Mexico desert, recording sessions and learn about their life with music.

Here are the most popular posts from the past month:

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Straight from the interwebs

New Record + Reason video tutorial from Line6Piper: Vocoding with Drums

"Reason on steroids" — Erik Hawkins on Record
(we're not sure we agree with the "DAW" bit, though)

Brilliant new tutorial from Line 6's Matt Piper: Playing Guitar Through the Reason Synths

Record is Music Radar's "DAW of the Year"!
"... Propellerhead might not want this award, but it's getting it anyway"

Resolution magazine reviews Record
"... the time stretching algorithms are truly stunning."