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Last month we started off the newsletter with a plea for donations to the Red Cross / Red Crescent work in Haiti. We added a feature in our web shop to let people add a donation to their order and we are happy to say that many customers have done this; we recently sent a first transfer of $1200 to the Red Cross. A big thank you to all customers who donated!

The need for disaster relief in Haiti is still enormous. Haitians need to rebuild their country, more or less from the ground up, and this will cost money. Please consider donating through us to the Red Cross or through other established aid organizations.

In this issue:

  • Artist Story - Digi Gutman - Brazilian Girls
  • Record U: Recording space on the cheap
  • New ReFills in the webshop
  • Record - the ultimate Reason upgrade
  • From the interwebs
  • Learn Reason Online with


Artist Story - Digi Gutman - Brazilian Girls

Didi Gutman is the keyboard player in Brazilian Girls, a New York City based trio that's neither Brazilian nor Girls, save for vocalist Sabina Sciubba.

For Didi, Reason became both a practical and affordable way to get all the sounds he needed on stage without breaking his back or the bank. We met with him in his Brooklyn, NY combined studio and apartment to talk about how he got started with Brazilian Girls and how he started using Reason.

In the interview, Didi walks us through his Reason setup for the song Sirènes de la Fête where he uses synths, samplers and loops, all controlled in real time via Reason's Remote Override.

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Record U — Part 6: Preparing a Space for Recording (often on a budget!)

When preparing a space for recording and mixing we enter a potential minefield, as no two areas will sound the same, and therefore no one-solution-fits-all instant fix is available. There are, however, a few systematic processes we can run through to facilitate vastly improving our listening environment. Gary Bromham reveals his acoustics secrets in this month's Record U.

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New ReFills from Goldbaby

New in the online store this month: two gems from Goldbaby. The Tape101 gives you a tape-treated SH101 synthesizer, while volume 3 of Goldbaby's MPC60 series provides the drums, dripping with sonic character.

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Record - the ultimate Reason upgrade

You already know just how powerful your Reason version 4 can be — now imagine a Reason with superpowers, a Reason 4000! Because that's exactly what you get when you add Propellerhead Record to the mix. The two programs will fuse together, adding just the features you always wished for, as well as flow and functionality you never knew existed.

We have added an interview to the site where Reason veteran Josh Mobley tells us about his transition to using Record for his professional work. Combining Reason and Record offers significant improvements over Reason when used in a ReWire setting.

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From the interwebs

As usual, we provide you with a small best-of list of things we've found on the big and mighty internet. Here's this month's selection.

Loop TV Record tutorials
Labeled the Music Producers Channel, Loop TV provides great reviews, gear talk, news and more for — you guessed it — music producers! They just launched a series of Record tutorials and in the first part, music writer Rob Jones takes us through the basic concepts of Record.
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Using Line 6 Recording Interfaces with Record
Many users have questions about the added functionality you get when you use Record with a Line 6 audio interface. Who would be better suited to explain it all than Matt Piper, Line 6 product specialist. In his latest video he shows how to use Line 6's POD Farm™ software with the Line 6 devices in Record.
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RM64 Artists Record
The best music making blog on the internet (as if there were any music blogs off the internet) is still er... the best music making blog on the internet. Follow the daily lives of seven up-and-coming bands, told through their own words. Among the latest additions: Tour video from The Narrative, Sound check torments with All Wrong & the Plans Change, Eastern Seas first official video and more.
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Learn Reason Online with, the online school of Berklee College of Music, offers Reason online courses and certificate programs for all skill levels. Master the tools and techniques needed to compose, record, remix, improvise, produce and edit your musical ideas using Propellerhead Reason. Enrollment is now open for the spring term starting on April 5th.
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