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It's May in Sweden and that means two things... sunlight has returned to our fine north-pole-adjacent city and also, it's time for the Propellerhead May Newsletter! We're excited to share some great news, tutorials, and offers with everyone. Enjoy!

In this issue:

  • Rebirth ReBorn
  • Record 1.0.1 Update Released
  • New ReBirth T-Shirt
  • Artist Story: Kill the Noise
  • Discovering Reason - High Pass Filters
  • Native Instruments Offer
  • Straight from the interwebs


Back From the Dead, ReBirth is Reborn

Some said it would never happen... and most of those people were here in our own office! Never say "never" because ReBirth made a surprise ReAppearance this month on the iPhone. In developing this, we have been struck by two things: Our phones really are as powerful as our desktop machines were 13 years ago and after all this time ReBirth still remains peerless in its authentic recreation of the 303, 808, and 909.

We caught up with one of the most legendary ReBirth users of all time, Kurt "Peff" Kurasaki, at his studio to talk with him about this new iPhone application and what it means for the still-vibrant ReBirth community.

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Record 1.0.1 Update

This month we released a small but great update for Record 1.0. In addition to being a "maintenance update" for minor issues, this release brings support for Line 6's Pod Farm 2 application, greatly improved support for the Mac's built-in audio hardware which allows for simultaneous input and output use, the ability to import multiple files at once, and automation improvements to audio tracks.

This is a free update that you'll definitely want to download.

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The T-Shirt is Reborn

If you've ever wanted to share knowing glances with another ReBirth user, this is the perfect shirt for you. To the uninitiated it's a string of numbers but to those who know it's one of the most powerful statements you could make about your production style.

The shirt is a special limited edition printing to mark the release of ReBirth for the iPhone. It is printed on an American Apparel shirt and available in our Prop Shop while supplies last. If you're a rebirth user, jump on this one fast.

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Artist Story: Kill the Noise

He didn't come to House music... House music came to him! As more aggressive and distorted tracks have grown in popularity on dance floors around the world, DJ and producer Jake Stanczak (Kill the Noise) has made quite a name for himself in the House scene. Kill the Noise's sound is hard, relentless, and razor sharp - cutting through PA speakers like a knife.

We met up with Kill the Noise in Los Angeles where he showed us around a track off his debut EP out now on Slow Roast Records. Jake tells us how he got into Reason and how addicted he is to the Malstrom Graintable Synth for his sound design.

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Disovering Reason - High Pass Filters

High pass filters are like the unpopular kids in school. Everybody is always hanging out with the low pass filters and nobody ever gives the high pass gang the time of day. If you're like many people out there making full use low pass filters but not delving into the full potential of high pass filters, you'll certainly want to read this month's Discovering Reason tutorial.

Gordon Reid explains the sonic characteristics behind high pass filters and gives you some great examples of how you can start using them to get the sound you're after.

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Native Instruments Offers 30% Discount for Audio Kontrol 1

Native Instruments have recently released a new Remote codec which brings integrated control surface support to Reason/Record and the Audio Kontrol 1 audio interface. To mark this release they have generously created a special limited time offer - a 30% discount voucher code for any newsletter subscribers who would like to get an Audio Kontrol 1. The offer expires on May 31st so if you've been considering getting one of these, jump on it!

The Audio Kontrol 1 is a 192kHz/24 bit digital audio interface that offers programmable buttons and knobs allowing for customizable user control. This new Remote codec allows the Audio Kontrol 1 to have transport control, master fader knobs, and other controller functions in Reason/Record. Please follow the links below for more information on the Audio Kontrol 1.

Once you've added the Audio Kontrol 1 to your shopping basket on the NI web shop, just enter coupon code KPPWQT8E to apply your 30% discount. It's just that easy! ... of course no generous offer would be complete without a bunch of terms and conditions...

Coupon Terms & Conditions:
1. The coupon is only valid for the AUDIO KONTROL 1.
2. The coupon is personalized and only for use by the appointed addressee/user. It is not transferable and non salable.
3. The coupon is only valid during the limited time offer and expires on May 31st, 2010.
4. Only one coupon can be used per product.
5. The coupon can not be redeemed for cash.

Click here to check out the Audio Kontrol 1


Straight from the interwebs

As usual, we have combed the vast wilderness of the internet to find you some "news you can use!"

Guitar Talkbox and Auto-Wah Effects in Record
Line 6's Matt Piper teaches you how to simulate a Talk Box effect, and how to make a classic Auto-Wah effect. Matt is the in-house Propellerhead Product Specialist at Line 6, and the author of the acclaimed instructional guide, "Reason 4 Ignite."
Check it out over at Line 6's site...

Couch potatoes, rejoice!
dashMIDI is a free iPhone application that gives you control over Reason and Record's transport panels over a WiFi network, letting you start, stop, record and more while away from your computer.
Synthtopia's got the story and the app...