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So how was your May? Ours was - in a word - "busy." By now you've likely seen that we announced Reason 5 and Record 1.5. Hopefully you're as excited as we are about the new versions. Also hopefully, you've finally gotten that super cool/catchy song from the Neptune video ("Purple Ribbons" by Chaka Blakmon) to stop looping all day in your head. Oh no! The mere mention of it brings it back...

But don't think that we're going to leave you alone all summer... just sitting around waiting for the updates. We've got a full summer of entertainment, education, and good old fashioned internet time-suckers.

In this issue:

  • ReTelling - Meet the Propellerheads
  • NEW! Kong Micro Tutorial
  • ReBirth for iPhone updated
  • ReFill Avalanche: New Prop Shop Goodies
  • Tweetspace FaceBlogs: Social Media Links
  • Berklee Back to School
  • Discovering Reason - Peaking Filters
  • Straight from the interwebs


Straight from Stockholm

If you've ever wanted to just show up at the Propellerhead's office in Stockholm, Sweden for a little stalker-tourism then we've got the next best thing for you... an interview with a few of our guys talking about our favorite subjects: Reason 5 and Record 1.5! You'll get a little history of the early days, a look at the new features, and see a window into the mindset that drives us to make the bleep, blip, and thump machines that we love so much.

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Kong: Massive Machine, yet Micro Tutorial

Okay, sure... Reason 5 isn't available yet but that doesn't mean we can't fire up the old micro-tutorial factory! You'll be seeing a bunch of these over the summer. It is our hope that by the time Reason 5 is out, you'll already be power users with the new features and James Bernard will be emailing YOU for tips! This month we're starting off easy but fun. We take a look at The Kong Drum Designer in a little more depth. There's a lot of layers to peel back on this ape of a machine. This month we'll show you the layout and the basics of the front panel.

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ReBirth App Updated

You probably haven't missed that the world's favorite techno microcomposer has made the transition to the iPhone world and is now available in Apple's AppStore.

The just released version 1.1 adds two popular mods: the SID station and the RB-SEMx, adds rotation to any orientation, better performance and fixes a few bugs.


ReFills ReStocked

This month we have six (yes, six!) new ReFills in the web shop: four titles from Sample Magic; Sounds and Effects' Drums and Percussion of Ancient Mexico; and Nucleus SoundLab's brand new effects collection Filter Research 2.

New this month:

Nucleus SoundLab Filter Research 2
Filter Research 2 is a continuation of the concept of complex effect devices built in the Reason/Record environment. Far from just simple reverb or chorus devices, each patch in Filter Research 2 is a creative effect that will supercharge even the most bland mix or instrument.

Sample Magic Dubstep and Grime
Aggressive beats, raw rhythms and abrasive basslines.

Sample Magic Sunrise Sessions
Hazy hooks, lo-fi loops and sultry sunrise sounds. The sequel to Sample Magic's best-selling chillout release Sunset Sessions.

Sample Magic Funky House Grooves 2
From afro to latin, jazzy to tribal - the essential follow-up to the classic Sample Magic debut.

Sample Magic Nu Rave
Nu-Rave offers 100s of prime electro-house, disco-punk and sleazy new wave mashups.

Drums and Percussion of Ancient Mexico
Fierce Aztec war drums, ceremonial log drums, husk rattles, deep Shamanic frame drums, Cantaro clay water pot, a bright pandeiro, the wild, wild sounds of the Mayan friction drum, and more.

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Tweet This to Your FaceSpace Tubes

Stay ahead of the news! With two major releases coming up, things are certainly moving in Propellerhead land. Throughout the summer, we're going to release videos, tutorials, development updates and more to cover the upcoming Reason 5 / Record 1.5 releases. Here are the best ways to stay updated:

Twitter - Follow PropellerheadSW on Twitter for daily updates on Reason and Record.

Youtube - Our ever-growing YouTube channel will have frequent updates with tutorials, product spotlights, interviews and more. Subscribe to the channel to get the news first.

RSS - Too lazy to check out our web site every five minutes? Use our RSS feeds to be alerted as we add new content:

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Berklee Music Online Special Offer

Our own Gerry Basserman stopped by Berklee Music to give a video tutorial on Reason/Record. Berklee Music is offering summer courses on Reason and what better way to brush up on your Reason skills in advance of new Reason 5 toys than to master the program?!

SPECIAL OFFER: Any student who enrolls in a Reason-based course for the Summer 2010 term (begins on June 28th) will receive a free time-limited version of Propellerhead's Record software. This timed version of Record will be available for the duration of BerleeMusic's Summer 2010 term.

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Disovering Reason - Peaking Filters

High pass filters are like the unpopular kids in school. Everybody is always hanging out with the low pass filters and nobody ever gives the high pass gang the time of day. If you're like many people out there making full use low pass filters but not delving into the full potential of high pass filters, you'll certainly want to read this month's Discovering Reason tutorial.

Gordon Reid explains the sonic characteristics behind high pass filters and gives you some great examples of how you can start using them to get the sound you're after.

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Straight from the Interwebs

We don't spend our ENTIRE day beta testing, you know. We also roam the internet for goodies. Check these out!

Stomp Boxes... Stomp Aside...
Line 6's product specialist Matt Piper shows you how to add a ring modulator effect to your guitar in Reason + Record
Check it out over at Line 6's site...

Boy in a Band Posts Vid on the Web
Boy in a Band offers a huge amount of great tutorial videos for all Reason users with tips for a variety of genres
Get lost in tutorial goodness...

Logic in Reason?
Reason user Meowsqueek goes full on lab coat on us in his blog post "Synchronous Digital Logic implemented in Reason 4" about logic CV gates, 16-bit digital counters and his Flipflop testbench.
Can you handle this?