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Well Reason 5 and Record 1.5 have been out for less than two months but the reviews are already flowing in and people's new songs are already pumping out. This month we've got some reviews to share with you, an artist story, and three new items in our shop that we think will have a big impact on your production.

In this issue:

  • Hank Shocklee: Bring the Noize
  • Record Drum Takes - Live Drums for Record
  • Reviews Roundup
  • Serj Tankian Remix Contest
  • Producer Conferences Announced
  • Straight from the Interwebs


Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum Machine

This month we've got a new artist interview for you with none other than Bomb Squad hip hop pioneer, Hank Shocklee. If you've every added grit to your beats, layered noise on top of noise, and tried to convey the sound of a riot via music... you have a lot of thanks owed to Hank Shocklee for paving the way. His work on Public Enemy's legendary debut album was a seismic shift in hip hop's development. Since then he has continued to push the limits of beautiful noise in his work... and he's done it in Reason.

In addition to our usual artist profile, we have included a "deleted scenes" video for hip hop fans and music historians alike. You don't want to miss some of these compelling stories.

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Record Drum Takes - Live Drums for Record

Question: What is the key to that larger-than-life, big budget studio drum sound? Answer: Professionally recorded multitrack drums, played by a skilled session drummer. Record Drum Takes gives you big league rock and pop drums in a ReFill.

Real drums. Nothing can beat it. Loops or multisampled kits can take you a long way, but if you want your pop or rock track to really come alive, you need a real drummer playing real drums in a real room. And Record Drum Takes gives you exactly that. Each Drum Take ReFill comes with two separate three minute backing tracks of live drumming organized in classic song form; intro, verse, chorus, bridge and breakdown, building a steady foundation for any rock or pop creation.

- The Alt Rock ReFill comes with two backing tracks that both carries a modern alt rock sound.

- As the name suggests, the Folk Rock ReFill conveys a hint of out-of-control facial hair and plaid shirts. The playing is sparse and the sound is toned down.

- Dry Indie drums that are best served shaken, not stirred. The sound is compact and hints at a 70s studio setting.

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"You like me! You really like me!"

The reviews of Reason 5 and Record 1.5 are pouring in fast and fabulous. Below is a selection of some of the big-whig music press opinions. They're pleased, from what we can see.

Computer Music 10/10 5/5
Editor's choice award
Performance award

"It's always been a superb app, but with v5, Reason finally feels 'complete', offering a highly satisfying musical environment."

Future Music 8/10

"There's no doubt Reason 5 is an essential upgrade. Current users should snap it up and grab Record."

Music Tech 10/10
Music Tech Choice

"Reason 5 takes music programming and production to the next level."

Keyboard Magazine

"If you're into designing drum sounds, you're gonna love Kong."

Sound on Sound

"...high-quality virtual instruments..., all presented in a uniquely approachable and intuitive way. Glancing back across this review, I see that I have used the word 'impressive' four times already, and I have no qualms about making that five. Impressive."

Keys (Germany)

"This update consists only of Killer Features."

Beat Magazine (Germany)

"Again Propellerhead improve their concept without loosing the ease of use. This alternative music production system is highly recommended to all who are looking for versatility paired with utmost ease of use!"


Serj Tankian Remix Contest

System of a Down front man Serj Tankian is holding a contest to celebrate the release of his new solo album, "Imperfect Harmonies." You can now download stems and remix his track, "Disowned Inc." using a special trial edition of Record 1.5 and you'll be entered to win a free copy of Record and Reason, a signed copy of his new album "Imperfect Harmonies," a Serj Tankian T-shirt, and the pride in knowing your remix was the best!

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Upcoming Producers Conferences

We've got upcoming Producers Conferences scheduled around the world. If you're going to be near any of these, we highly recommend checking them out. You'll get a chance to watch masters of their craft show you how they get their sounds using Reason and Record - all the while you'll be getting plugged into the local community of fellow users.

Atlanta, GA - October 16
London - October 23
New York - October 23
Berlin - November 6

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Straight from the Interwebs

Leo "the human search algorithm" has dug us up some new nuggets from the webs.

Just Like That: Anthem
Tom Middleton creates a house anthem live in front of a crowd for Underground TV. Check it out

King Tuts
Mo Volans show you the ropes on using Dr. OctoRex's graphical editing in this video tutorial from AudioTuts! Check out AudioTuts

Proud Papas
Electronic Musician reviews Reason 5 and Record 1.5 - calling the Duo a "terrific choice as a creative platform". Thanks, we agree!
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