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It's November, good people of earth! In the USA they're getting ready to deep fry Turduckens for some sort of Thanksbinging, our friends in England are figuring out how to fit a holiday in between Christmas and Boxing day, and in Sweden we've begun our semi-annual custody-sharing agreement involving the sun and the southern hemisphere. But who needs daylight, warmth, vitamin D, or seratonin-transporters when you've got ReBirth on the iPad!

In this issue:

  • ReBirth's iDeal Platform
  • Drum Takes, Take 2
  • Facebook: Let's be friends
  • James Bernard Workflow Secrets
  • Discovering Reason #17: Formant Filters
  • Straight from the Interwebs


There's An App for That

When we launched ReBirth on the iPhone the response was incredible. People not only had deeply nostalgic memories of ReBirth but they also welcomed it back into their modern production arsenal.

ReBirth for iPad brings some great new features to the classic app. The most groundbreaking new feature has to be multitouch support. Now you can twiddle as many knobs and faders as your fingers can manage. Using ReBirth's 303s has become easier than even the hardware it emulates.

Also, the gorgeous display of the iPad was deserving of a gorgeous new interface. It's the ReBirth environment you know and love, but the interface has been redesigned to make use of the high resolution of the iPad.

And when your song is finished and you're ready to share it with the world, you can now publish it to your friends on Facebook, as an MP3 online, or via email. Sharing your ReBirth files has never been easier.

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New Record Drum Takes Released

We are happy to present two new releases in the well-received Record Drum Takes series. Volume 4 - Folk Rock Brushes comes with two different multi-track drum backing tracks played with brushes. Volume 5 - Dry Indie 2 picks up where Vol. 3 Dry Indie ended with two more tight-sounding indie drum tracks. One of the tracks is played in 6/8.

If you missed the news on Record Drum Takes last month, it is a new series of ReFills that arrives in Record song format, with logically laid out multitrack arrangements containing traditional song parts followed by a host of fills and variations. Play along to the RDT drum arrangements, or simply paste them into your existing song - your entire drum mix will follow right along, and utilizing Record's auto-stretch function, Drum Takes will instantly adapt to your song's tempo.

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The Social Network

If you're a Reason or Record user and you've been wanting to tell everyone you've ever known, from your best friend all the way to your uncle's boss' mailman, that you like our software then your wait is over! Propellerhead Software is launching our new Facebook Page.

Our Facebook page will be the best way to stay up to date on the latest developments from us and connect with other producers and musicians. Oh, and did we mention that by 'liking' us on Facebook you can enter to win a new iPad and a copy of ReBirth to run on it?!!?! Simply go to our Fans Only! tab and click the Like button. The contest entry form will appear. Like us!


Beginner's Guide to Experimentation

Okay you've got the software and you're ready to go! Now what? In a video designed for new users, product specialist James Bernard will walk you through the creation of an idea from start to finish and show you how he goes about trying out new ideas and stretching himself to experiment.

At every step, you're only an undo or two away from your last version so there's really no reason not to try for some new sounds and a few happy accidents.

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Discovering Reason #17: Thor's Formant Filter

In his final article on Thor's filter section, Gordon Reid gives us a solid understanding in what exactly a Formant is, how Formant filtering works, and why you'd want to use it. As with every Discovering Reason article you'll find yourself walking away from this article knowing more about Reason, Thor, and science in general!

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Straight from the Interwebs

Swedish internet fun fact: When speaking Swedish you don't start web addresses by saying "www." You say "vvv" but the person you're speaking to understands it as "www." Weird, we know.

Whomp, There it Is!
Dubspot's Chris Petti shows us how to create a dub step "Whomp bass" with Thor and Scream 4. Check it out

Win the Loudness War
James Wiltshire of the Freemasons talks parallel processing in this video from the UK Producers Conference, courtesy of Read More at Music Radar

Penguin Based Techno
Don't have an iPad and feel like you're missing out on all the fun? Don't despair! Create Digital Music has the scope on how to use ReBirth on Linux!
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Je suis un étudiant
Reason France have delivered another set of French language tutorial videos, this time about Kong - 4 full tutorial videos. They have also made their Reason France ReFill Vol. 2 available for free, which should be interesting in most languages!

The tutorials can be found here
And you can download the ReFill here