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Yes, as unstoppable as the passing of time, the year is drawing to an end, just like this overly dramatic opening sentence is drawing near its full stop. That's a somewhat weird way of saying 2010 is almost over, and what a year it's been for us at Propellerhead Software. ReBirth is alive again! Reason 5 is out, and so is Record 1.5! New ReFills have been released, tons of tutorials and articles too. Here at PHQ we are already working hard on very exciting projects that you will learn all about in due time. But for now, we give you the Newsletter, December style!

In this issue:

  • Happy Holidays from Propellerhead Software - free guitars for Reason 5!
  • Reason 5.0.1 and Record 1.5.1 updates are available
  • Reason Stage, Reason Beats, Reason Electronic
  • ReBirth for iPad
  • Join the anti-piracy task force - take IMSTA's survey and win big!
  • From the interwebs


Happy Holidays! Free Guitars!

It's getting near Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanza / Yule / Solstice / Festivus or just about any other reason to celebrate, eat too much and give gifts.

We'd like to celebrate the end of a great year for us by giving the gift of rockin' out to the Reason user community. We proudly present the Dr. Octo Rex Guitar Collection - a free electric and acoustic guitar loop library for Reason 5! Using the multiple loop capable Dr. Octo Rex, we have created patches organized by style and song key, making it super easy to lay down a guitar track using natural chord progressions.

The included playing styles covers anything from open strumming to single string riffs and punk power chords - all intuitively laid out and easy to use.

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The ReFill uses the new Dr Octo Rex Loop Player in Reason 5 and is therefore available to Reason 5 users only. Don't have Reason 5 yet? Well, now you have yet another reason to upgrade.


Reason 5.0.1 and Record 1.5.1

If you haven't heard about it already - Reason 5.0.1 and Record 1.5.1 have been released. These are maintenance updates that addresses a few problems in the previous versions and are recommended installs for all Reason 5 and Record 1.5 users.

Go to the download page


Reason stage, Reason Beats, Reason Electronic

What do Reason users think of Reason as a live instrument? Why is Reason a great tool for Hip Hop beatmakers? And what is it about Reason that makes electronic dance music producers flock to it? We sent our video producer Ryan on a deep diving mission into the abyss of the Propellerhead video archive to find out. The result is a suite of three really nice videos: Reason Beats, Reason Electronic and Reason Stage.

They are all available on the Using Reason page. Well worth a visit!


Berkleemusic Online Reason Courses & Certificates

Learn Reason online from anywhere in the world with Berklee's individual 12-week online courses or multi certificate programs. Whether you are a seasoned Reason user or new to the home studio, Berklee's online Reason courses and certificate programs will help you to take your production skills to a new level. The Winter term starts January 10!

Berklee is offering a wide range of courses and certificate programs. Come and check the list to find a course that suits you, try out a sample lesson and check out Berklee's tutorial videos.

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ReBirth for iPad & iPhone

As most of our readers know already, ReBirth has been released for iPhone and iPad recently. We meant to write something convincing about the benefits of these iOS apps in this newsletter, but it turns out someone has already done the work for us. YouTube user VJFranzK does a very entertaining demo of the iPhone version of ReBirth on his iPad - this was done before the iPad version with its multi touch, high resolution interface was released. Check it out!

If you already own ReBirth for iPad, here's a great accessory if you are planning to take your iPad on stage: the iKlip from IK multimedia. The iKlip is a multi-angle lightweight iPad microphone stand adapter. Now you can take your favorite iPad music apps on stage for live performance.



All hands on deck! Pirates ahoy! Join the fight! Win prizes!

Ok, the fight isn't quite that action-packed. We don't want to start a crime fighting posse (yet) but IMSTA, the trade organization for music software developers, is holding its annual user survey. Piracy is hurting the music software industry, and IMSTA need to hear from music software users how they feel about piracy and owning the software.

And by taking the survey you are also part of a great prize draw with prizes from the IMSTA member companies.

To the Survey


From the Interwebs

Each month, we crawl the computer network known as the Wold Wide Web in search of useful resources for Propellerhead Software users. Here is what we have turned up this month.

Full track download from Dave Spoon
UK producer / DJ Dave Spoon's latest release 'Fiesta' is out and Mr Spoon has decided to release it as a Reason song file! Since he's constantly bombarded with questions on production techniques in Reason, he decided to release the Reason song file so that people can see for themselves what's going on inside a Dave Spoon track.

Download it, export the audio if you'd rather listen to it on your iPod or just play around with the song in Reason and learn some production chops from a Reason master while you're at it!

Dave Spoon was interviewed by Propellerhead Software last year - check out the interview.

808 Extravaganza
Q: What's better than a sampled 808 kit? A: A sampled 808 kit made by Kurt "Peff" Kurasaki. Check out his latest monstrous 808 ReFill for Reason's Kong Drum Designer. And it's free!

Get your groove on!
Always wondered what that little "G" button on the transport panel in Reason and Record does? In this article, Mo Volans at shows you how to make the most out of the ReGroove Mixer, in six simple steps: And it's free!


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