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We know it's two days after the fact but Happy Valentines Day everyone! In keeping with the spirit of the month, we've got a metaphorical "box of chocolates" for you this month with a new artist feature, a great Record-U article to help you record live drums, and a few revealing videos that document the creative decisions behind the production process.

In this issue:

  • Artist Feature - Printz Board (The Black Eyed Peas)
  • The Living Room Studio with Peter Malick
  • Record U: Recording Drums
  • Berklee's Online Curriculum Updated for Reason 5
  • James Bernard: Fountain of Knowledge
  • Straight from the Interwebs


Artist Feature - Printz Board

In the late 90s, Printz Board set a personal goal for himself. He told friends in his band (Gravy) that he would learn piano and be "playing seriously" in one year. After just six months and way ahead of schedule, Printz was the musical director for The Black Eyed Peas where he has played a central role in writing and producing some of their biggest hits to date.

When we visited Printz in his self-described "lab" in Hollywood he surprised us by suggesting he create a song from scratch live on camera. In a matter of minutes he had done just that... and a pretty good one at that! Be sure to also check out some deleted scenes from his interview, too.

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Mi Casa Es Su Studio

Seasoned music producer and Norah Jones collaborator, Peter Malick, packed up his studio and moved it home to his living room and garage. For its maiden session he brought in indie artists Amber Rubarth, Courtney Jones, and a veritable A-List of players from the LA singer-songwriter scene. On Peter's first day in the new space and first day using Record we rolled cameras to capture the new 'studio' in action.

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Record U: Recording Drums

Recording drums is often considered a challenge by many people. You've got several microphones' bleed and positioning, you've got a room that may or may not be treated for optimal acoustic sound, and you've got neighbors who might not appreciate your new double-bass thrash metal beat. Thankfully we've got a new Record U article all about recording drums for optimal quality. Author Giles Reeves (aka Selig) will explain how to get the best results with special tips if you have just one or two microphones available.

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Berklee's Online Curriculum Updated for Reason 5

Berkleemusic, the online extension school of Berklee College of Music, has updated their online music production courses for Reason 5. Study the the most cutting-edge online Reason curriculum available anywhere, and learn the concepts, technologies, and techniques used by today's top producers. Learn more at

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James Bernard's Synth School

If you have been following James Bernard's weekly "52 Reason/Record Tips" series, you probably already know how invaluable his tutorials are becoming. If you haven't watched them yet there's no time like the present to start! James has shined light on some amazing production techniques, advanced mastering philosophies, and recently has begun a multi-week explanation of in-depth synthesizer sound design theory where he's walking through each synth in the Reason rack and explaining each knob and slider. There is no way you won't finish these videos smarter, faster, more creative, and full of new ideas!

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Straight from the Interwebs

Apparently in the coming weeks the internet is going to run out of unique IP addresses needed for it to work. Fortunately Leo has rounded up some of the best stuff on the web... while it still exists. Hopefully they sort that IP thing out before we're all thrown back to 1992 when social networking required... GASP... actually being social!

Ohm64 For Reason Performing Madness
Peff released a video of his impressive Dr. Octo REX loop switching and fx control setup for the OHM64 controller.

These ARE the droids you're looking for.
Using Reason's Malström synth to create sci-fi sound effects Check it out!


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