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  • A Word About Japan
  • Artist Feature - Jakwob
  • New ReFills in the PropShop, including Guitar!
  • A New Cool Tag-based ReFill Searching Tool
  • New Record Drum Takes Released
  • 49 Reason/Record Tips, and counting...
  • Straight from the Interwebs


The Recovery Begins in Japan

The earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan less than a week ago have left parts of the country in ruins and countless human lives shattered. Our thoughts go out to the people of Japan, directly or indirectly affected by these terrible events and we would like to urge our readers to consider help supporting the disaster relief work at hand. Propellerhead Software has made a donation to the Red Cross' Japan relief effort. Here is a selection of links to aid organizations that are all active in Japan:

- American Red Cross

- International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (Find links to your local red cross organization)

- Doctors without borders

- Save the Children


Artist Feature - Jakwob

Known to his fans as Jakwob, James Jacob takes his artist moniker from the aptly named wobble bass sounds which define the Dubstep genre. The synth bass lines in Dubstep are aggressive, warped, and often the product of extensive experimentation.

In the past year, Jakwob's career has taken off. A remix he did for Ellie Goulding received tens of millions of online listens and soon he was fielding remix requests from Robyn, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, M.I.A, and many others. Jakwob has been producing music in Reason since version 2.0 and currently produces 100% of his tracks with the Record Reason Duo.

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New ReFills in the Prop Shop

This month's selection of third party ReFills contains sampled, synthetic and realistic guitars from Nucleus SoundLab, a brand new collection of revered club sounds and loops in Sample Magic's Tech-House ReFill, as well as Funk Essentials from The Loop Loft, bringing hundreds of super-funky rex drum loops to your Reason rack.

Guitarscapes from Nucleus Soundlab

GuitarScapes is a ReFill adventure through the endless sonic possibilities offered by well-sampled guitars inside the Reason 5 environment. GuitarScapes takes a wide variety of synthetic and realistic guitar samples and then mangles them beyond recognition, all in the name of providing you the absolute best in musical inspiration.

Sample Magic Tech House

Peak-time jams, pared-back beats and pounding workouts for the mainroom. Merging the best house, techno, progressive and minimal, Tech-House packs in driving drums, bouncy off-step bass, glitched vocal rhythmatics, brazen synths, melodic musical loops, FX and a bumper selection of Sample Magic's highly treasured drum one-shots.

The Loop Loft Funk Essentials

The Funk Essentials ReFill is a collection of drum grooves and sounds inspired by everything from early Motown, spaced-out Funkadelic, dirty hip-hop, James Brown and everything else in between.


Tag... You're It

Recently we've found ourselves with a great problem. We have so many third party ReFill publishers that it's getting more and more difficult to find exactly what your looking for in our ReFill shop. That's why we're happy to announce a new very useful tag-based search filter in our online shop. Are you only looking for percussion sample ReFills? No problem! Now you can narrow your results to just those criteria. Be sure to check it out!

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Reason/Record Goes to SXSW

For the past 25 years SXSW (South by Southwest) has been building momentum as one of the best places to hear where the pulse of music is headed. While all styles are loved and represented in Austin at this annual event there has been a serious shift towards electronic music and an emphasis on DJs.

New York's premiere electronic music and and DJ school, Dubspot, will be repping in full-effect and bringing the bass for multiple events, demos and music performances in Austin, Texas. Propellerhead will be having a special music production and software demo session at Dubspot's booth in the Gear Alley area. So if you're attending SXSW this year, definitely head on over to pick up some knowledge and Propellerhead giveaways too! Schedule and details can be found here.


Drum Takes Bring Life to Your Tracks

Earlier this month we released the seventh installment of our Record Drum Takes ReFill Collection. If you're not familiar with our Drum Takes series, they are live multi-track drum recordings that are meticulously edited into song sections, fills, and variations. A simple copy/paste adds a real live drummer to your song and thanks to Record's amazing time-stretch algorithm and large mixer, you have incredible control over the mix and sound of your new drummer.

"Record Drum Takes 7 - Indie Rock" offers two new feels to the collection, one at 136 BPM and a lively and radio friendly pop feel at 200 BPM.

Each collection's name gives a clue as to the genre or feel you can expect to hear. You can visit our online shop to listen to audio demos of each Record Drum Take performance..

Previous Drum Takes releases:
Drum Takes 1 - Alt Rock
Drum Takes 2 - Folk Rock
Drum Takes 3 - Dry Indie
Drum Takes 4 - Folk Rock Brushes
Drum Takes 5 - Dry Indie
Drum Takes 6 - Power Pop

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52 Reasons to Love James Bernard

If you're the kind of person who learns best through video examples, then you'll absolutely want to take a look at James Bernard's year-long video series: 52 Reason/Record Tips. James is nearly finished the series and the amount of information he's covered is staggering. It's impossible to watch his whole series and not end up a much more proficient, creative, and talented producer.

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Straight from the Interwebs

Leo is back at it again, combing the vast territories of the internet for some Propellerhead nuggets for you to check out.

DJ Luckydate Imparts His Wisdom
Electrohouse producer extraordinaire Lucky Date has just posted two new tutorial videos for Reason & Record: Create Sample Based Complex Electro in Reason and Creating Electro / Trance synths in Reason. Enjoy!

From Johnny-5 to Wall-E, and Beyond!
Sound designer G.W. Childs IV shares some of his industry tricks for creating sci-fi robot sounds with Reason in this tutorial, courtesy of macProVideo.


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