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Up here in the great white north, April is a wonderful time of year because we start the month with snow on the ground and end the month with glorious sunshine... er, actually rain. But we'll take it!

In this issue:

  • Get Ready for Music Making Month!
  • Propellerhead in the Classroom
  • Discovering Reason - Creative Sampling
  • New ReFills in the Shop
  • ASCAP "I Create Music" Expo
  • Straight from the Interwebs


May is Music Making Month

We have always had one driving philosophy that steers nearly every decision we make as a company: We want to help people make more and better music. It's part of our DNA. So we are very excited to announce the month of May will be dedicated to a series of events we're calling "Music Making Month!"

We will be partnering with musicians and Propellerhead all-stars all around the world to bring you daily updates with tutorial articles, live web events, new videos and much more. You'll get special Reason/Record tips, song-writing tips, and music industry advice on what to do once your music is made. Best of all, much of it will be live so you can interact with the guests, ask questions, and participate in the discussion! Check in soon to for schedules and rosters.

Get ready to unleash your creativity and make some music!


Propellerhead in the Classroom

For the past 10 years music producers, beat-makers, sound designers, and game composers have made Reason's highly creative environment a mainstay of their toolbox. All the while Reason has become a mainstay of the education process as well.

To see how Propellerhead Software's Reason 5, Record 1.5, and Recycle are being taught in the classroom, we visited some top institutions around the world. These educators let us into their classrooms and studios to discuss how they're leveraging the power of the Reason rack to teach not only in-the-box desktop audio production, but hardware-based studio production and even studio wiring/design as well.

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Discovering Reason - Creative Sampling

We've got a new installment of our Discovering Reason series this month. "Creative Sampling Tricks" will unleash your creativity by sampling found sounds around you and even sounds inside the Reason rack. This article will walk you through the process of capturing, perfecting, and glitching your samples into a custom sound palette.

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New ReFills in the Prop Shop

This month we welcome a new ReFill publisher to the shop. Jiggery Pokery brings some exciting new Reason 5 versions of classic hardware. Also, it's never too soon to start preparing for Carnival 2012! The Loop Loft hooks you up with some great new Brazilian loops.

The Loop Loft - Celso Alberti Brazilian Drums

As the latest release in The Loop Loft's "Artist Series" collection, this ReFill brings the infectious grooves and sounds of world-renowned drummer, Celso Alberti directly into Reason 5 — exploring a vast range of Brazilian rhythms including samba, boss nova, partido alto, baião, afoxê and xote.

Jiggery Pokery - Blue Meanie

Blue Meanie is a Thor-based ReFill inspired by that venerable analogue classic, the ARP 2600. Designed for Reason 5, and making full use of the Combinator, each of nearly 500 patches includes all oscillators and module types found on the 2600.

Jiggery Pokery - Elements

Vector Synthesis finally comes to the Reason rack. Sweep between four wildly or subtly different sounds, and create spectacular soundscapes on the fly.

Jiggery Pokery - Kings of Kong

The premier ReFill for Reason 5 Kong Drum Designer, 51 vintage drum machines from the Hollow Sun archive, fully mapped for the Kong Drum Designer. And exclusively sampled for this ReFill, two full Korg X5D FX kits.


2011 ASCAP Expo

From April 28-30th, the annual ASCAP "I Create Music" Expo will be in Los Angeles with another schedule of inspirational programs and over 200 industry leading panelists. With just two weeks until the ASCAP EXPO, there is still time to submit for an opportunity to perform. The ASCAP EXPO Attendee Showcase is still accepting submissions until 2pm on April 18th.

Propellerhead Software will be at the Expo on the 28th/29th as a member of "The Songwriter Studio," a consortium of four companies who make tools for musicians. The studio comprises every part of the audio and control signal path needed for complete music production - from Line 6 interfaces, Propellerhead Record/Reason software, Novation keyboard controllers, and KRK monitors and headphones.

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Straight from the Interwebs

On April Fool's Day Google posted a help-wanted ad for an "auto-complete" specialist. For a brief moment before he realized it was a joke Leo saw a future where his talents as "human Interwebs cataloger" could be fully utilized. Fortunately for us, Leo is still here to bring you the following Propellerhead gems from the internet.

Move Over Dre and Eminem
Dave from has decided to temporarily become Boywithabeat by bringing you a tutorial on "How to Make Hip Hop Hits." Come for the knowledge, but stay for the oh-so-clever rapping demonstration! Check it out!

Time to Get Your Chunk On!
The Nurse Rex player in Kong can do some things its bigger brother, Dr. Octorex, can't. Check out this tutorial on Chunk Trig mode and Slice Trig mode, courtesy of macProVideo.


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