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Welcome to the May Newsletter. Since it's Music Making Month I'll be typing this newsletter with one hand while playing piano with the other. I'm THAT dedicated. We certainly hope everyone has been enjoying our events this month. A daily onslaught of new content, interviews, and live demos is a lot to take in but fortunately it's all been archived on our website for later viewing and replaying. For this newsletter, however, we'll be looking at some of the other goings on at Propellerhead this month.

In this issue:

  • Semothy Jones Artist Feature
  • New Discovering Reason and Record U
  • Tons of New ReFills and 20% Off!!
  • ReBirth 1.1, now with Audio Copy, on sale
  • Straight from the Interwebs


Semothy Jones Artist Feature

Semothy Jones was 8 years old when he heard a record that showed him the meaning of life: producing music. Admittedly unable to sing or rap, young Semothy faced a somewhat existential crisis: "I make beats, what am I?"

The answer soon revealed itself to him when his beats were sought out by UK artists like Little Boots and Professor Green. When Green and Jones decided to do a remake of the 90s hit "Dub Be Good to Me," they had no idea that pop-royalty Lilly Allen would jump on the chorus and take the single to number 5 on the charts.

In this artist feature, Semothy walks us through the sounds that make up his hit, "Just Be Good to Green."

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New Discovering Reason and Record U

We have two new articles this month in our educational series Discovering Reason and Record U. "Discovering Reason: Control Voltages and Gates" explores the somewhat curious existence of control voltage - an analog technology - in a digital world. Gordon Reid will show you why this deceptively simplistic signal modulator can produce some of the most advanced and evolving sounds you can imagine.

In Record U: Vocal Production and Perfection author Giles Reaves asks the question, "you've finished tracking your vocals... now what?" He'll show you how to get your vocals polished, comped, tuned, and perfect.


New ReFills in the Prop Shop and 20% Discount!

The third party ReFills in our shop are stacking up and we're happy to welcome 9 new releases to our shop this month! In fact, to celebrate the new releases we're offering a 20% discount on ALL third party refills in our shop during the month of May. Use the promo code below during checkout to receive your 20% discount.


The Loop Loft - Janek Gwizdala Electric Bass

While taking a break from his globetrotting tour schedule, acclaimed electric bassist, Janek Gwizdala (Randy Brecker, Mike Stern, V.V. Brown) stopped by The Loop Loft's studio in Boston to record this special collection of bass loops, configured specifically for use in Reason 5.

Jeremy Ellis My Mark I

Have you been missing an authentic Rhodes sound in your Reason rack? "Refill" the void with The My Mark I showcasing two obsessively sampled versions of a Rhodes Mark I Eighty-Eight plus a bonus version of a Mark I Seventy-Three. Gain access to a bounty of Combinator patches that neatly contain the instrument and all of it's classic effects to create pure vintage bliss in your sessions and live shows.

Jeremy Ellis My Mark II

From the sweetest ballad sound to the grimiest fuzz tones, My Mark II is a meticulously, multi-sampled Rhodes' collection using three distinctly different versions of the Mark II Eighty-Eight. Turn your rack into a vintage fusion and funk factory with classic effects tucked into dozens of Combinator patches.

The Loop Loft - Indie Rock Drums

The sound and feel of Indie Rock Drums is now at your fingertips. Dirty but danceable DFA-approved beats, anthemic Arcade Fire-esque pounding, low-fi Strokes-ish uptempo rock, folkish Bon Ivery brushes... it's all here.

Sample Magic Deep Tech House

Moody and melodic, deep and dirty house grooves. Jackin' minimal grooves, classic tech workouts and dusky soulful drums plus tight and percussive tops; basslines from Chicago to Detroit and beyond; organic melodies and blissful vinyl-infused music loops and more.

Sample Magic Dubstep

Combining underground club workouts with anthemic arena-sized sounds, SM23 Dubstep delivers 585+MB of pounding 2-step rhythms, cone-quivering basslines, searing synth leads, monstrous music loops and more. From its early esoteric d'n'b roots to contemporary bassline-infused bangers, Dubstep covers all ground and more, with subtle nods to rave, garage, grime and classic electro.

Sample Magic Florian Meindl

Sample Magic's new artist series imprint returns with this stunning 350MB collection from Berlin tech-house innovator Florian Meindl, covering beats, synths, bass, drum hits and uniquely sculpted FX. Packed with material reminiscent of his Royksopp and Format B remixes, the pack is essential sampling for lovers of all things deep.

Sample Magic Nu Disco

Mashing up elements of house, classic French electro and timeless Italo-disco, Nu Disco serves up 600+MB of Indie-Dance melodics, glitched synthery, neon music loops, pumping basslines and more. Song-starting hooks, neo-retro beats, live percussion, chunky chopped-up vox, kinky guitars and classic analogue FX are supplemented with 380 all-new drum hits.

Sample Magic Tribal Tech House

Deep, percussive big-room grooves. Dark and funky afro-tinged tech-house. Featuring: 200+ jackin', tracky, precision-programmed drum loops; inspired afro-tribal percussive workouts; vintage oscillations, squeaky leads and sublime synths; subby and dubby floor-shaking basslines; pre-programmed combis - ready-mixed and broken out for dancefloor destruction; plus 100s of glitchy tops, breakdown sculpted FX, choice drum hits and more.


ReBirth Revamped and Reduced

ReBirth 1.1 is out now and includes the very exciting "Audio Copy" feature, used to move your ReBirth songs over to other Audio Copy supporting iOS apps. For Music Making Month we have also reduced the price of both the iPhone and iPad version of ReBirth in the App Store for a limited time. Get while the gettin's good!

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Straight from the Interwebs

Since some people think the world will end on May 21st this might be the last "interwebs" you get from Leo. He's promised, however, not to make these all links to bomb-shelter schematics and post-apocalyptic agricultural tips.

WaveShaper Combinator Effect w/ Malström
Dubspot's Chris Petti gives us a step-by-step tutorial to how to build a WaveShaper effect with Malström. Check it out!

Song without a Sequencer
Forum veteran and blogger PhiSequence has posted an interesting challenge on his Reason 101 blog: create an entire song without using the main sequencer. Read more on

How to Record a Song — Part 1: Set Up
In the first part in a series, Line 6's Propellerhead Product Specialist Matt Piper shows you everything you'll need to get started recording music. Get started!

Food Sources in a Post Apocalyptic World
Leo just couldn't let it go without one survivalist tip. So get out your May 22nd grocery shopping list and add some of these tips to it. Good luck!


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