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Happy Halloween, people! Sure it's costume party season in the U.S. but the big holiday Swedes decided to celebrate by dressing up as witches and trick or treating is actually Easter. We're kinda weird that way. We've got lots of new stuff for you this month following the exciting release of Reason 6, Balance, and Reason Essentials.

In this issue:

  • Artist Feature: DJ Lucky Date
  • Reminder: Pay What You Want is almost over
  • Clip Safe recording tutorial
  • New Refills in the Prop Shop!
  •'s 11 New Reason Tutorials!
  • Free Online Berklee Music Production Clinic


Artist Feature: DJ Lucky Date

In just a couple of years Jordan Atkins-Loria has gone from student, to teacher, to master, and finally to headline act. When DJ Lucky Date was introduced to Reason, he instantly recognized the power of its synths and set out to master them. First by following online tutorials, Lucky Date soon lived by the saying, "the best way to learn is to teach." His own tutorials became very popular and led to his own ReFill series of electro synth sounds.

More recently DJ Lucky Date has been busy producing music, charting on Beatport, remixing for major artists, and performing at large club and festival shows.

We caught DJ Lucky Date live in action at Avalon in Hollywood, CA. Before the gig, Jordan sat down with us to show off the tricks behind a couple of his popular sounds. What's even better, he shared the patches with us so we can share them with you!

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Pay What You Want is Almost Over!

Record Reason Duo owners, if you haven't heard already we are running a massive offer through the whole month of October to celebrate the release of Reason 6. For a limited time you can upgrade to Reason 6 for whatever price you name, be it one dollar or one thousand dollars.

To participate in our "pay what you want offer," just login to your account and visit our online store. From there you can name your price and start your download. If you want to learn more about "pay what you want" or Reason 6, our website has details on everything.

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Clip Safe Recording with Balance

If you've heard about our new audio interface, Balance, then you've probably heard about our revolutionary Clip Safe feature which ensures that you'll never lose a good take to distortion again. But how does it work? And why are we so worried about distortion in the first place? These and many more questions will be answered in our new micro tutorial on Balance's Clip Safe technology.

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New Refills in the Prop Shop!

Okay you've got Reason 6, you've got Balance, and you're still craving some more ways to pimp out your music... how about some news sounds to go with the new toys! We've got a massive infusion of new ReFills in the Prop Shop this month:

When Alien Drum Robots Attack II

Goldbaby's robots are back and this time they are not taking prisoners! When Alien DrumRobots Attack II will give you a huge palette of super solid drums and sweet FX.

Reason101 - Pureffects

Pureffects provides some of the most unique and powerful audio effect processing on the market. Everything is pre-built to take full advantage of all the effect devices that Reason provides, with a heavy focus on the three new Reason 6 effect devices.

Sample Magic - Techno

Driving bass, pumping kick-heavy grooves, chunky drum hits, dark synths and 4am atmospheres abound in SM27: Techno - a sonic traverse that takes root in Detroit, draws on influences from contemporary Berlin and is guaranteed to impact on floors the world over.

Sample Magic - SM101 Drum Fills

A smorgasbord of 101 no-holds-barred drum fills for virtually all electronic genres: vintage-inspired live fills loaded with funky-style drumming, glitch and tech fills packed with processed circuitry and glitched electronics, plus electronic fills of pumped 80s drum machinery.

Indie Rock Drums vol 2

From post-hardcore aggressiveness, to slapbacked echos and gritty blues, this collection of loops and samples from the Loop Loft will give you those authentic DIY drums you've been searching for.

Doug Wamble Slide Guitar

To produce the latest Artist Series ReFill The Loop Loft enlisted the talent of acclaimed guitarist Doug Wamble. The result? One of the most eclectic and inspiring loop libraries they've ever released.

Jiggery Pokery - Additions

Jiggery Pokery has lovingly crafted a massive set of sounds from two classic additive synthesizers — bright bells, brasses and strings, to digital basses, orchestral FM tones and wierd effects.

Jiggery Pokery - Elements 2

The second version of Elements introduces polyphonic wavesequencing to your Reason rack. Use vector synthesis to sweep between four wildly or subtly different sounds, and create spectacular soundscapes on the fly.

Jiggery Pokery - Retrospective

The only officially licensed ReFill for the Hollow Sun vintage synth archive, Jiggery Pokery presents a range of classic and esoteric electronica in this exclusive package for Reason. The Retrospective ReFill has been four decades in the making. Releases 11 New Reason 6 Video Tutorials has announced 12 hours of expert video training by renowned Reason pros Hollin Jones, GW Childs and Mo Volans. That's 11 new Reason 6 tutorials for only $19.50 each! MPV covers everything about Reason 6: The Fundamentals, the New Effects, the Instruments - even Mixing and Mastering!

Sign up for a free one hour Reason 6 Quick Start Guide tutorial - just for creating an account!

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Berkleemusic's Music Production Clinic with Michael Bierylo

Michael Bierylo is a Music Synthesis Professor at Berklee College of Music, and the author and instructor of several online Music Production courses for Berkleemusic, including "Desktop Music Production" and "Sound Design for the Electronic Musician". Please join us for a free half-hour live online clinic with Michael on Thursday, October 20th at 4:30pm EDT (Eastern Standard Time). Michael will be covering the topic of sound design using Reason, and he will also be answering a few questions from attendees. Don't miss out!

When: Thursday, October 20 - 4:30pm EDT (Eastern Standard Time)
Length: 30 minutes

Join Berklee's Online Open House


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