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It's hard to imagine that it's already November, though one step outside onto the Stockholm streets reminds us all real quick.

In this issue:

  • Artist Feature: Olivia Who?
  • A day in the studio with Balance
  • New Reason Tips from Berklee
  • ASK Video: Getting up to speed with Reason 6
  • The Great Review Roundup!
  • Straight from the Interwebs


Artist Feature: Olivia Broadfield

Olivia Broadfield would be the first to admit that a common question when people see her name is "Who is she?" But she also realizes that their common follow up is "Why is she outselling everyone but Owl City on the iTunes chart?" Olivia is a self-producing artist who is more than just a gifted songwriter. She's has a gift for music publishing as well.

Where most bands finish their album, pile into a van, and start touring it around the country, Olivia takes to the modern online social networks to reach music supervisors and publishing companies. She has secured some of the most coveted film, TV, and commercial placements around, reaching audiences of millions with her music in the process. Most recently, Olivia's music was featured on Grey's Anatomy. The show's music placement has made household names of artists like Imogen Heap in the past.

We sat down with Olivia to hear about her early songwriting, what inspires her, and see how she's using Reason to create synth hooks from her vocals.

And don't miss a special live uStream event with Olivia Broadfield on the 21st of November to celebrate her recent double CD release.

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A day in the studio with Balance

When Uprock Audio in Sacramento, California got their hands on the new Balance with Reason Essentials package they set about on a new creative project. The plan was simple enough: They wanted to record a song with a local artist, produce it, then sample it, remix it, and turn it into a second entirely new hip hop song... all in one day!

We captured the process, spoke to Dean and John at Uprock Audio about the project, and put it all together into a music video. You can hear the song that resulted from their day's work and get a glimpse into the social aspect that Uprock Audio uses for inspiration, motivation, and just plain fun.

You can even download the song in Reason demo song format to get an up-close look at how this track was produced.

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Berkleemusic Offer's Free Reason Tips

What's the one thing we all love even more than Reason production tips from an industry professional? Answer: FREE Reason production tips from an industry professional! Erik Hawkins, one of Berkleemusic's online instructors and resident Reason guru, has put up a list of his 5 most essential Reason tips and tricks. You can get them for free by visiting!


Reason 6: Getting up to Speed

With the release of Reason 6, many owners of Reason 5 and previous versions have upgraded and found themselves both excited and slightly overwhelmed with the plethora of new features they have at their disposal. Where to start? The new devices? The audio workflow? The big mixer? It can be a bit daunting to make sure you're getting the most out of the new tools.

Fortunately ASK Video have put out a series of 20 highly focused videos which means you can get your questions answered fast and effectively.

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The Great Review Roundup

With the release of Reason 6, Balance, and Reason Essentials the reviews are appearing in magazines and websites around the world. Like a bunch of proud parents, we thought we'd show you sampling of what's being said. Consider this our version of those bumper stickers on cars that say "My Child is an Honor Student at XYZ Middle School."

  • MixdownMag Australia gives Balance and Reason Essentials a great review
  • Balance wins a prestigious 2012 iF Design Award for its outstanding design
  • MusicTech awards Reason 6 the "MusicTech Choice" award and a 9/10 score in the November 2011 issue
  • German magazine Beat awards Reason 6 a 6/6 score and "Empfehlung der Redaktion" award in issue 12 | 2011
  • Sound On Sound reviews Reason in the 11/2011 issue, summing up with: "Ultimately, Reason 6 is a great application. It’s fun, sounds contemporary and lets you work fast. It extracts huge amount from any Mac or PC. Using it is the perfect antidote to every crash and incompatibility that can plague other DAWs, and the vastly improved mix architecture clearly now provides a platform for further developments of other features. For existing fans it’s a no-brainer. For new users, now’s the time to get on board."
  • Computer Music gives Reason 6 the highest possible score, review available at


Straight from the Interwebs

When we told Mattias to get some good Propellerhead-related stories from around the world wide web, we didn't expect him to actually travel the world looking for them. But he's back from a cross-european trek and we gotta admit... he brought back some good stuff!

Mix Like a Pro - Learn from a Pro
Gary Bromham gave a presentation on professional mixing in Reason's big mixer. Gary translates his decades of experience on SSL consoles seamlessly into Reason. You gotta see this!

Thor tips from a Nordic Synth God
Our own Mattias Häggström Gerdt gave a presentation at The Producers Conference in Berlin all about sound design in Thor. Check it out!


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