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It's December so we can't resist a few christmas-related puns that have to be shoehorned together to work: When Santa makes a synth patch, he always uses an LFHO-HO-HO. When he needs to add a vintage tape limiter effect to beats, he inserts The EcHO-HO-HO. Santa really likes using the ReGroove mixer to apply MPC shuffle to his drums' Ho-Hat patterns. Okay they're only going to get worse and worse if we keep going.

In this issue:

  • Artist Feature: Surkin
  • New ReFills in the Shop
  • NEW Reason Sound Design Videos
  • 30 Days of Free Videos from Groove 3!
  • Let's Talk Piracy
  • Straight from the Interwebs


Artist Feature: Surkin

When a young Benoit Heitz saw a friend's computer running Reason he had an epiphany: "His computer isn't better than my parent's computer. That means I could be making music." He started out not knowing the first thing about drums or music in general. Three years later he was touring the world as an international DJ.

Surkin's style is based on inspiration from classic House music, French Dutch house acts like Daft Punk, and his own brand of Surkin "cutups." Relying heavily on the slicing power of ReCycle and the Dr. Octorex loop player in Reason, Surkin's sound is chaotic juggling of samples which come together into something undeniably danceable.

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NEW Reason Sound Design Videos

Propellerhead Product Specialists James Bernard and Mattias Häggström have teamed up for a new set of videos. This time they'll be embarking on explaining Sound Design by walking you through some patches in Reason 6. Sure you could load the preset and just go with it but by understanding it you can modify, adapt, and improve on it.

Not only will they be walking you through the wiring and programing but they'll more importantly be showing you examples of how you'd use these sounds musically. In the first two installments you can learn how to create a gated delay effect and how to make a punchy house bass. Stay tuned for more to come in the following weeks!!


New Refills in the Prop Shop!

Just think of the holiday possibilities! ReFills as stocking stuffers... Eight nights of Hanukkah ReFills... or a New Years Resolution to use new sounds in your music!

The Loop Loft Cinematic Drums vol.2

We raided the kitchen and mic'd up sauce pans. We took a van full of bass drums to an airplane hangar. We intimately recorded a rusty hand saw and almost lost a finger. We raided an infant's nursery with a rack full of boutique preamps, capturing the sonic nuances of toys. We pulverized a Coldplay CD with a hammer and several gardening tools. Partly therapeutic, 100% cinematic.

Sample Magic Deep House

Sample Magic serve their first outing of the summer: a sublime foray into the afterhours party, with nods to nu-disco, classic tech and soulful house.

Sample Magic Hed Kandi

Sample Magic team up with the world's biggest disco house brand to deliver 700+MB of the finest disco house samples: from classic live disco to twisted reaches of house - all with the Hed Kandi seal of approval.

EditEd4TV 88 MPH vol.1

Ed "EditEd4TV" Bauman proudly presents 88 MPH Vol.1, the first in an ever expanding series. This first collection features 51 Combinators from 9 Hit Songs of the 1980's! Each and every patch has enormous potential, from the default load-in setting to drastic changes when altering the Combinator controls.


Reason Training

If you're just getting started with music making or want to take your production to an advanced level, Producertech's superb Reason Courses online school provides the answer to all your learning needs!

Producertech's Reason Courses is an online school created by qualified trainer Rob Jones that offers Beginners/Intermediate and Advanced courses on Reason, taking students with zero or a little experience right up to advanced level production and music making.

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30 Days of Reason Video for Free from Groove 3!

Groove 3 is happy to present an outstanding free offer to every subscriber of the Propellerhead newsletter. From now until Jan. 1st, 2012, you can get 30 days of full access to Groove 3's online library of over 400 hours of training videos focused on music production and recording. That includes the brand new Reason 6 Explained and Reason Instruments Vol. 1 and 2, along with everything else in the library. Registration is easy and you can be set up and streaming videos in no time.

Your access code:

To Redeem:
1. Head over to the Groove 3 web site
2. Follow the instructions to register a new account, or enter your details in an existing Groove 3 account
3. Start watching videos


IMSTA "Let's Talk Piracy" Survey

The International Music Software Trade Association (IMSTA) conducts an annual survey of software customers and pirates, alike. They're goal is not to catch or litigate unlicensed software users. Quite the opposite. They aim to understand them and gather a sense of current attitudes towards licensing by music software users. The survey is an opportunity for you to sound off on how you feel about so-called 'pirated' software. What's more, by filling out the survey you can win some great prizes.

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Straight from the Interwebs

Just like Santa Claus, Mattias has been making a list and checking it twice. But his list is of cool Propellerhead content out there on the information superhighway.

Interview: Reason 6 with James Bernard
If you've ever wanted to see Propellerhead Product Specialist James Bernard interviewed from an overhead camera crane or walk away from a bus like a boss, now's your chance! (oh, and he talks a lot about Reason 6 too...)

Bleep Bleep Blorp
Rob over at will help you make your own classic arcade soundtracks by showing you the ins and outs of Chiptune music. For those unfamiliar, Chiptune is a style of emulating old video game music and sound effects. In the chiptune community, Reason's synths are the de facto go-to tools! Check it out!


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