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...4...3...2...1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (cue confetti and party horns) Okay... perhaps we're a bit late with that but the facts still hold true: It's a new year and we're happy. We've set a few big new year's resolutions ourselves this year and we promise they're better than just eating less kanelbullar!

In this issue:

  • Sound Design Tips from our Product Specialists
  • Updates for Reason and ReCycle
  • New ReFills in the Prop Shop
  • Dubspot Live Streaming with Hank Shocklee and FaultyDL
  • Olivia Broadfield Remix Contest
  • Straight from the Interwebs


Reason Sound Design Videos

Sometimes the hardest sounds to make are the classic sounds you've heard a million times before but never tried to make. They sound deceptively easy on your favorite record but when you set out in Reason, you may not know where to start or how to perfect it.

Fortunately we've enlisted help for you! James Bernard and Mattias Häggström, our Propellerhead Product Specialists, are embarking on a new video series that specializes in Reason Sound Design. They'll show you how to make the sounds you've always wondered how to make. But, more than that, they'll give you tips on how to use them in your music.

The first few videos are already out so if you've missed, them. Be sure to check them out! Mattias has already shown us how to create a gated delay effect, a punchy house bass, and a funky auto-wah bass effect. And stay tuned for more to come. If you haven't already, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and get automatically notified when new videos post.


Updates for Reason and ReCycle

Our developers are always busy working on Reason and ReCycle to make them better for you. Recently, we've released updates for both. Reason 6.0.2 fixes a couple of bug reports and performance issues. It is recommended for all users of Reason 6. You can download it from our site. Please note, if you store your ReFills in the Reason program folder (not recommended), you'll want to back them up or move them prior to upgrading.

ReCycle 2.2.1 sports an all new interface, 64bit support, Mac OS X Lion support, and a couple extra bonus features like Rex files created in 2.2.1 will now contain tempo meta data for use with Reason's time stretch feature.

Download Reason or ReCycle


New Refills in the Prop Shop!

Some great ReFills just landed in the Prop Shop. If you feel like you may have just recently exhausted every sonic possibility you have, it's time to restock.

Stompp Vast

Vast is packed with 465 unique and beautiful Combinators that use Thor’s extensive modulation possibilities to create expressive, highly playable sounds that are full of movement. Every patch sits comfortably in a useful frequency range, so you can drop any patch into a mix and write music without having to tweak them.

Sample Magic Vintage House

A future classic in the making, Vintage House transports us back to an era of 909s and 101s, weaving together elements of authentic classic house with soul, disco and techno.

Sample Magic Mainroom Anthems

A fist-pumping fusion of melodic house, euphoric progressive synths and subtle electro leads, Mainroom Anthems is bursting with stacks of uplifting seqs, chunky, techy beats, massive chord progressions and sun-drenched synths rubbing shoulders with slammin' percussive rhythms and kick-free tops, stadium-sized FX, plus 100s of Sample Magic's highly-prized drum one-shots.

Jiggery-Pokery Retro Organs

The three defining organs of the pre-synth era: the Hammond B3, the Vox Continental and the Farfisa Combo Compact, in one exceptional 24-bit sample ReFill for your Reason racks. Whether you're needing to recreate the sounds of the 60s, or looking for stunning new flavours for your modern electronica and dancefloor tracks, Retro Organs is the definitive organ ReFill for Reason.

The Loop Loft Multitrack Drums Vol. 1

The Loop Loft has put the control and flexibility of multitrack drums at your fingertips. This first ReFill, customized for Reason 6, includes two complete drum sessions; 'Thick & Meaty', and 'Ringo Goes Indie', along with corresponding Kong and Dr Octo Rex patches, providing the ability to easily program new grooves and fills on top of the existing multitracks.

New Atlantis Audio Gainframe

Grainframe is a sonic adventure through the strange and beautiful world of granular synthesis. This collection of stunning Combinator instrument ensembles is powered by a set of specially designed stereo waveforms which were created with custom-made granular processing tools.

New Atlantis Audio Gainframe 2

Using custom granular synthesis techniques a wide variety of found sounds, acoustic instruments, field recordings and more have been processed into 24 bit sampler food for your Reason music and scoring projects.

New Atlantis Audio Glas

Glass sings. It can be extremely fragile, or incredibly strong. All of the instrument racks in this unique ReFill are made of glass. More specifically, 24 bit samples of all kinds of glass, doing all kinds of different things.


Dubspot Live Streaming with Hank Shocklee and FaltyDL

Want to visit New York City without leaving home while simultaneously learning tips and tricks from one of the legends of Hip Hop? Great! Because Dubspot in NYC will be holding a special live streaming event on Monday January 30th with presentations by Hank Shocklee, FaultyDL, and Propellerhead's own James Bernard. Learn Hank's production philosophy, check out Balance, and get inspired to try new ideas!

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Olivia Broadfield Remix Competition

If you didn't read the news on, Olivia Broadfield has partnered with The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW), SoundCloud, and Propellerhead to put on a remix competition for her song, "Say," which is included as a demo song in Reason 6. Remix her track and you could win a Propellerhead Balance audio interface, Reason 6 software, a one year pro membership to SoundCloud, some assorted swag, and a signed copy of Olivia's album.

If you don't own Reason 6 yet, we're even giving out fully functional trial licenses to help you out. The competition runs until the end of this month so there's still time. To get the rules and a trial code, just email

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Straight from the Interwebs

Just like Santa Claus, Mattias has been making a list and checking it twice. But his list is of cool Propellerhead content out there on the information superhighway.

Use Your OP-1 with Reason
The other Swedish synth geeks, the folks at Teenage Engineering, have put up a video showing you how to make your OP-1 a control surface for Reason. Check it out!

Animating Pulveriser are taking a look at the new Pulveriser in Reason 6 and some ways you can "animate" or automate it's parameters in Reason for some evolving effects. It's a must read.


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