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We hope everyone had a good Valentine's day. The boxes of chocolate are eaten and the roses are gifted. So with that all behind us, it's onward to the February Propellerhead Newsletter!!

In this issue:

  • Cyra Morgan's cozy home song factory
  • Creator Series ReFill: Ryan Greene Alt Drums
  • New ReFills in the Prop Shop
  • Tune in to hear the Olivia Broadfield Remix Winner
  • The New Reason Resources
  • Straight from the Interwebs


Cyra Morgan at Home with Balance

Acoustic singer/songwriter Cyra Morgan is about as new as a debut artist can be. How new? She's using the same pick she started learning guitar with on day one. She hasn't changed her strings yet because she doesn't know how.

But these things don't concern Cyra because she's soley focused on one thing: Getting out the music she's heard in her head for 20 years. And in that regard, recording at home with Balance and Reason Essentials has been nothing short of liberating for her. We visited Cyra at her cozy New England house where she's put together a modest studio to capture her ideas and to hear one of her latest songs, Beautiful Madness.

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Ryan Greene Alt Drums ReFill

The latest in our Creator Series is out! The Alt Drums ReFill (three volumes) is a collection of hard-hitting, massive, and aggressive drum kits mixed with custom effects and dynamics designed by legendary rock producer, Ryan Greene.

"What if The Beatles were Motley Crüe?" Greene's rhetorical question is answered in his collection of vintage and rock workhorse kits from Ludwig, Leedy, Tama, Gretsch, Pork Pie, and many more! Each volume also comes with a library of MIDI drum tracks for you to get all the feel and variation of a live drummer.

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New Refills in the Prop Shop!

Better than a box of chocolates, these ReFills are sure to do better on your waistline.

Nucleus SoundLab Celluloid Beats

Celluloid Beats features an amazingly unique set of cinematic percussion loops suitable for film scoring, game sound design, IDM and other electronic genres. Celluloid Beats is also the first ReFill in an innovative new series called Modular Grooves - which highlights incredible tempo-flexibility as well as a variety of creative loop remixes included with every patch.

New Atlantis Audio Pressure

Add a distinct sense of suspense, pressure and dark atmosphere to your music and scoring projects with this unique set of Combinator instruments for Reason.

New Atlantis Audio Recoustics

Featuring expressive, playable racks and patches powered by a wide variety of traditional and exotic wind, stringed and tuned percussion instruments, Recoustics will inject some truly special sounds into your music and scoring projects.


Olivia Broadfield Remix Competition

The Olivia Broadfield Remix "Say" and Win contest submission period has ended and all that's left to do it pick a winner. Right now as we speak, Olivia Broadfield is sequestered in an undisclosed location sustaining herself on a diet of protein pills while a constant stream of music pours out of speakers towards her. Imagine the deprogramming scene in A Clockwork Orange and you'll have some sense of her dedicated and unrelenting drive Olivia has to find the best remix.

All through the month, Olivia will be putting her favorite remixes which are in the running for the top spot in her SoundCloud favorites list. Check in to see what's made the cut so far. And to hear which remix Olivia picks as the winner of the contest, she'll be holding a special live streaming broadcast on her uStream channel on the 29th of February (it's a leap year, after all).

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ReVamped Reason Resources Page

Are you just getting started with Reason? Or perhaps you want to hone your skills, pick up some new ideas or learn others’ techniques for using Reason?

We’ve assembled tons of dedicated learning resources for Reason 6. Whether you prefer books, video tutorials, online schools or a classroom setting, there’s something for you at the brand new Reason Resources pages.

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Straight from the Interwebs

These and many more interweb gems are always popping up on our Twitter feed. If you enjoy them, make sure to follow us!

This Hoover Sound Doesn't Suck
Chris Petti from Dubspot gives us some sound design tips on how to make the legendary "Hoover Sound" that can be heard in dance hits dating back the last 25 years. Check it out!

How to Record a Song Part 6
Matt Piper from Line 6 has been running a series called "How to Record a Song" and in his final installment he sheds light on the dark arts of mixing and mastering. It's chock full of useful info.


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