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The frozen waters around Stockholm have only begun to thaw this Spring and the wiser amongst us have decided to jet off to SXSW in Texas and MusikMesse in Germany. While they party it up with cowboy hats and schnitzel, we're still bringing you some newsletter goodies to enjoy.

In this issue:

  • Reason Essentials Price Drop!
  • Exciting News Next Week!
  • Three New Reason Sound Design Videos
  • New ReFills in the Shop
  • SXSW Events, Parties, and Giveaways!


Affordable Has Never Sounded So Good

We introduced Reason Essentials last Fall as the perfect way for people new to the Reason platform to get started with it. It's everything you need to get your ideas out in the creative ways they deserve. This month we announced a radical price drop on Reason Essentials, taking it all the way down to $129/€120. Getting started with Reason has never been so affordable.

And with the price drop, we dropped the price of Balance with Reason Essentials as well down to $449/€429 (suggested retail price). It's a quality interface and software package at a quality price.

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Exciting News Next Week!

On March 20th, Propellerhead will be holding a special invite-only press conference to lift the curtain on some very exciting technology news. "But how can I see it?! Will it be streamed?!!" Well, no it won't be streamed but actually that's for your benefit.

We want you to be able to see this presentation and rather than have you suffer through buffered stream problems and the thousand other things that make streaming a not so nice way to view an event such as this, we have decided to film the event and publish it as soon as possible following the event. You can expect it just a few hours following the press conference.


More Reason Sound Design Videos

James Bernard and Mattias Häggström Gerdt, two of our Propellerhead Product Specialists, have been hard at work on their "Reason Sound Design" series. These video tutorials focus on create new ways you can make sounds and answer many of those "How do you do that?" moments you might have when you hear a sound and wish you could create it yourself in the Reason rack.

This month Mattias shows us how to make drum sounds on your own with Kong. Did you know the "Tone Generator" in Kong can be used to add pitched in-key sub-bass to your kick. It can even be your entire kick sound. In this video, Mattias will show you how to set it up for some ultra deep bass drums. You'll then have to figure out how to install the lowrider hydraulics on your car yourself.

James Bernard joins the Reason Sound Design series this month with two new videos. In his first video, James will show you how to make a gated filter sweep using the Alligator. This effect is great for transitions in your music. Next up, James shows people new to the Combinator how they can assign a few knobs and buttons to a basic synth patch to start turning the simple sound of Subtractor into a complex and playable sound designer.


New ReFills in the Shop

New sounds aren't just a nice sonic variety for your production… new sounds can inspire entirely new ideas. New sounds can push your music in directions it has never gone. So why not get inspired with some new ReFill arrivals in our Shop.

Loopmasters DnB Synths - Thor

Drum and Bass Synths for Thor is a collection of Dark Basses, Deep FX, Searing Leads and Atmospheric Pads, exclusively created for Drum and Bass and Dubstep producers worldwide.

The Loop Loft Everything But Sticks

Let's be honest. 99% of the drum loops in existence use sticks. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but isn't it time to do something different? This is why we set out to produce Everything But Sticks, a new and fresh approach to grooves on the drum set.

Jiggery-Pokery Guitars Vol 1 + Vol 2 Bundle

Vol 1 + Vol 2 Bundle gives you Strat and Tele sounds in one attractively priced package. Jiggery-Pokery Guitars is a series of highly detailed, multi-sampled ReFills for Reason.

Jiggery-Pokery Guitars Vol 1

The ubiqitous Strat in the first in a series of highly detailed, performance-enhanced ReFills.

Jiggery-Pokery Guitars Vol 2

One great guitar, three amazing tones: It’s the Tele, multi-sampled for Reason.

Tom Pritchard Sound Design ThorKit

200 patches that push Reason’s Thor synthesiser to its limits. A mix of clean, crisp sounds and mashed, gritty tones, these patches have a wide range of applications and have enough presence to stand out in a mix without being overpowering.

Utku-S Electro House Bass

Utku-S Electro House is a great collection of House and Electro Basses, created using the Reason Combinator which includes screaming basses, deep wobbles, bit crushed vocal basses, modulated bass arps and more.


Propellerhead at SXSW

Okay, as SXSW goes on you're reaching your breaking point of wandering down Sixth Street and trying to schmooze your way into the ivory castles of various parties and showcases. We know. We've all been there. So why not come hang out with Propellerhead and our friends at any of these happenings:

Description: Get up close and personal with Propellerhead and many other equipment, software, and instrument manufacturers. It's like a mini-NAMM show, Texas-style, and you're invited. Did we mention that SXSW showcasing bands can enter a FREE gear package giveaway, including Propellerhead's Balance with Reason Essentials!
Location: Austin Convention Center, Exhibit Hall 5
When: March 14-17th
Prize drawing: 3:00 PM March 17. Must be present to win.

Description: Rooftop concert series featuring band, The Cringe, and many others. The Cringe is the band of TV personality chef/host, Rachel Ray. Propellerhead will be there and we'll be giving away a Balance on the 16th and a copy of Reason on the 17th FREE!
Location: Downtown Whole Foods (rooftop)
When: March 16 (3-11pm), March 17th (12-11pm)

Description: Academik Records' party and showcase in the heart of SXSW will feature both emerging and established electronic artists. Those attending this event can mention @PropellerheadSW on Twitter at this event to be entered to win a Balance with Reason Essentials package!
Location: Lanai Austin, Rooftop Lounge
When: March 17 (3-8pm)

Description: Gobbler is a media creation service in the cloud but at SXSW, Gobbler is Band HQ with three stages, two patios, and a whole lotta love. Are you an artist or musician? Stop by the "Artist Pitstop" and get some free swag and upgrades from Gobbler, RootMusic, the Roxy and more. Propellerhead will be there on the 15th for a special Reason giveaway and a Balance with Reason Essentials giveaway!
Location: 604—606 E 7th St.
When: March 15


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