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Rack Extensions are here! Three great ways to get started with Reason now.

Reason 6.5 with support for the Rack Extension technology is here! The Reason platform has never had more to offer and never at such a compelling price.

Reason and Reason essentials now features the rack extension technology. Rack Extensions expand Reason and let you add whatever your music needs – be it instruments or effects, by Propellerhead or others. Try it, buy it, and download it straight into your rack. There simply are no risky choices. Just everything your music needs today. And tomorrow.


Three great ways to get started with Reason


Reason 6.5

Reason is an integrated music recording software and production studio with audio recording, million-dollar mixing and EQs, and all the instruments, sounds and effects you could ever dream of for writing, recording, remixing and producing great-sounding tracks.

Buy now and get access to Rack Extension powered Reason 6.5.

Reason Essentials

Reason Essentials 1.5

Reason Essentials is the perfect way into music making. All the tools you need to fulfill your ideas, in one affordable package. Reason Essentials comes with unlimited audio recording, flexible sequencing, a generous selection of Reason's instruments, effects & sound banks, and much more.

Buy now and get access to Rack Extension powered Reason Essentials 1.5.


Reason Balance with Reason Essentials

2-in 2-out USB interface with inputs for all your gear, bundled with Reason Essentials Software. Pristine audio recording combined with all the tools you need to sound great. Balance and Reason Essentials is the music production package that has everything you need to create anything you want.

Buy now and get immediate access to your free Reason Essentials 1.5 upgrade, including support for Rack Extensions.


Rack Extensions in the Propellerhead Shop

The shop is now open and it's full of great additions to the Reason Rack! Looking for a squelchy synth? Freaky filters or pristine reverbs? We've got you covered. Have a look at what's on offer.

Introductory offer: Get Pulsar free!
To celebrate the release of Reason 6.5 and Reason Essentials 1.5 Pulsar is free until October 1st, 2012. Get it now!

Rough Rider
by Audio Damage

Rough Rider is an easy-to-use compressor that just sounds good, but with a nuclear-powered dragon hiding under the hood. From simple, smooth drum buss compression to ultra-heavy-duty full metal squish, Rough Rider is an essential tool in every producer's arsenal.

by AudioRealism

The legendary silver box which is hallmark in electronic music has been recreated in AudioRealism Bass Line 2 for Reason (REABL2). Analog modeling techniques have been employed to create a DSP-algorithm that accurately emulates every aspect of the original 303, from growling basses to hollow middles and beeping highs with metal rattling accents.

Etch Red
by FXpansion

FXpansion Etch Red: an exciting and great-sounding filtering effect based on DCAM circuit-modelled technology and now available as a Reason Rack Extension.Etch Red features dual filters with 38 available filter responses, realistic audio-rate FM, flexible routing, additional drive & compression stages, and our unique TransMod modulation system with 2 LFOs, envelopes and more.

Ozone Maximizer
by iZotope

The Ozone Maximizer is an essential mastering tool for adding fullness and polish to your music.

The original Ozone Maximizer has been used on countless recordings in varied genres like Rock, Hip Hop, Electronic, Classical and more. iZotope has now adapted this acclaimed technology for Reason, extending your Reason Rack with a versatile tool trusted by professional musicians and engineers worldwide.

Buffre Beat Repeater

Buffre Beat Repeater is an audio looping device that repeats and scrubs audio in sync with song tempo. Buffre is a performance effect, playable from a MIDI keyboard or control surface, and supports Reason control voltage routings for automated looping, stutter and glitch effects.

Introductory price is $49/€39 (normally $85/€69)

by Propellerhead Software

Introductory offer: Get Pulsar free!

To celebrate the release of Reason 6.5 and Reason Essentials 1.5 Pulsar is free until October 1st, 2012. Get it now!

Pulsar LGM-1 is a dual channel modulation powerhouse for the Reason rack. Use it to introduce variation to your sounds, create entirely new ones using its advanced and flexible modulation, or load up any of the masterfully crafted presets for instant inspiration.

by Propellerhead Software

Polar is an old school harmonizing and pitch-shifter effect with a host of modern tricks up its dual sleeves. Use it for classic harmonizing, stereo-widening, and realtime pitch-shifting, or experiment with freezing and looping for otherworldly effects.

Radical Piano
by Propellerhead Software

Radical Piano gives you three sampled pianos paired with the technology to make an infinite number of your own. Radical Piano is a lightweight, flexible, and bendable piano instrument that provides sounds for every situation and every song, from ultra-clean to creakingly natural — and beyond.

Trident A-Range
by Softube

This is a legendary piece of equipment. As only thirteen Trident A-Range consoles were ever made, it remains a holy grail for sound engineers and producers around the world. The A-Range channel features four bands of equalization and high and low pass filters, with an extremely colorful and musical sound. The original distortion is included, and is easily controlled with a saturation knob.


TSAR-1R Reverb
by Softube

Modern and classy algorithmic reverb with a natural and vibrant sound. The extreme ease-of-use allows you to create a realistic space within seconds, comfortably knowing that this is the same famous and powerful algorithm as in the TSAR-1 Reverb. Just fewer knobs to tweak.

Saturation Knob
by Softube

One-knob distortion to fatten up bass lines, add some shimmer to vocals or squash drum loops.

Free until Aug 14 ($29/€25)

FET Compressor
by Softube

An extremely versatile compressor, modeled after the most famous solid-state compressor. The added features, such as a continuous ratio control, parallel compression, lookahead and detector filters, together with the super-fast attack time and trademark sound, makes the FET the go-to compressor for everything from vocal shimmer to drum bus obligation.


TSAR-1 Reverb
by Softube

The TSAR-1 Reverb is not an emulation. It's not a stock design. It's not a static snapshot of a space. The TSAR-1 is a powerful, sophisticated, detailed and modern reverb algorithm. It's alive and vibrant, gentle and dreamy, and above all—natural and believable.


by Sonic Charge

Bitspeek is a pitch-excited linear prediction codec effect. It takes audio input, breaks it down into synthesizer parameters and reproduces the sound using an oscillator, noise and a formant filter.

Despite having only a few simple controls, this box can produce a broad range of sounds from cheap speaking toys to high-end vocoder and talkbox effects.

Bitspeek was created by Magnus Lidström, the man behind Malström.

SB Pitch Delay
by Sugar Bytes

This Effect combines delay, pitch shifting and filtering! Here you create the most terrific delay lines with CV-modulated filters, combined with pitching and also stereo offset.

SB Slice Arranger
by Sugar Bytes

This Effect slices the incoming audio signal and then puts the slices into new order. This is pure broken beats, controlled by just a knob. Let the Slice Arranger re-arrange your drum beats, guitar licks or even the master buss! Change the patterns at any time to have millions of possible beat variations by just turning one knob!

SB Filter Pattern
by Sugar Bytes

The Filter Pattern is an animated Filter Effect that provides lots of preset patterns with awesome filter movements. Filters types are switches and filters are modulated while patterns can be varied at any time. Save some cables with this effect while creating stunning sound mutations with just a few knobs!

Synapse DC-2 Dual Chorus
by The DC-2 dual chorus offers a warm, sweeping stereo chorus effect based on a two-stage design with well-matched delay times.

Synapse RM-1 Ring Modulator
by Synapse Audio

The RM-1 is a virtual-analog ring modulator with a unique soft-saturation characteristic. Both an internal oscillator as well as mono and stereo side chains are available as a modulation source. Full CV control for all knobs is available on the backside of this rack extension.

Synapse AF-4 Analog Filter
by Synapse Audio

The AF-4 is a virtual-analog lowpass filter module, based on the well-known transistor ladder design. In order to obtain higest quality, this lowpass filter employs a topology-preserving, zero-delay feedback network with 4x oversampling, yielding results comparable to industrial circuit simulator.


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