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It seems wacky weather has been happening all over the globe. While the US has been baking in sweltering heat, here in Sweden we've had torrential rain and bipolar cold/hot temperatures. So wherever you are on planet earth this summer the lesson is clear: Stay inside and make music instead!

In this issue:

  • Getting Started with Pulsar
  • Reason Sound Design: Send Effects
  • Re-Tron Adds a Mellotron to Your Rack
  • Jack Conte (Pomplamoose) and Reason at the Apple Store
  • Nektar Panorama is Shipping!
  • New ReFill: Sounds and Effects Rude Synths


Getting Started with Pulsar

The Pulsar Dual LFO is still a FREE Rack Extension for Reason 6.5 until October. If you haven't already, make sure to upgrade to Reason 6.5 to take advantage of the free offer while it lasts. Even though Pulsar ships with a collection of inspiring and mind-bending combinator patches with pre-wired examples, many people have requested a getting started tutorial so they can understand LFO basics.

So that's exactly what we've done. Our new "Getting Started with Pulsar" video will introduce you to the concepts of basic LFO use and modular synthesis in general. By the time you're done, you'll have built your own modular synth and spiced up static sounds into evolving awesomeness.

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Reason Sound Design: Send Effects

Product Specialist and Music-Making Super Friend Mattias Häggström Gerdt is back with another Reason Sound Design video this month. This time he tackles the simple but often misunderstood concept of "send effects." Why would you use them instead of insert effects? What do they offer your music and production? Mattias has all the answers!

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Introducing Re-Tron from GForce

GForce Software have brought their legendary Mellotron tapes to the Reason Rack with their new Re-Tron Rack Extension.

From the iconic records by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and other rock pioneers to newer examples from Radiohead or Portishead, the idiosyncrasies and haunting sounds of the Mellotron have inspired countless musicians over the past 50 years. GForce have brought the Mellotron's sound to Reason with unprecedented attention to detail, quality, and control.

Try Re-Tron Free for 30 Days


Join Propellerhead and Jack Conte at the Apple Store

If you're going to be near San Francisco this Friday July 20 at 5:30 PM, come over to the Apple Store downtown for a special main stage event. The Apple Store is located at 1 Stockton St (at Market), San Francisco 94108. Gerry Bassermann will show what's happening in Reason 6.5 and Jack Conte (Pomplamoose) will talk about how he uses Reason in his music production.


The Nektar Panorama P4 is Shipping!

Panorama P4 is the most advanced Reason controller developed to date. The color TFT display tells exactly where you are (within Reason) displaying track name, mixer channel and device name at any time. Three dedicated Reason modes cover mixer, instruments and transport with every controllable parameter mapped out, even the latest Rack Extensions.

Send up to 8 key-stroke commands with one button push using QWERTY macros to open a specific song as part of your set list or create an instrument/effect track that points to your favorites folder. Panorama even has a 100mm motorized fader that updates every time you change track. Just detach yourself from your mouse when you want to. The best of the virtual and tactile world now available for Reason users.

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New ReFill: Sounds and Effects Rude Synths

Rude Synths - for the newest electronic and dance music styles of today. Based on pristine 24 bit samples from vintage analog sources - including Mini Moog, Moog Opus 3, ARP 2600 mini-modular synth, ARP Odyssey, Oberheim SEM Modules and more. Deep basses, squelchy pitch dives and rises, worm-y portamento mono synth leads, gritty warbling noisy strings, and loads of analog warmth and tasty distortion!

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Propellerhead is hiring. If any of these jobs sound like you or someone you know, we'd like to know!

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