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The Summer has drawn to a close, the kids are back in school, and soon that sunburn you got on the beach this year will be a distant memory only to be revisited in 40 years at the dermatologist's office. But until then you've got plenty of new things to keep you busy—not least of which is over 4000 Predator Rack Extension presets to audition!

In this issue:

  • Free Pulsar Offer is Almost Over!
  • Daniel Snow Recording with Balance
  • Polar Getting Started Tutorial
  • How Does Radical Piano Sound?
  • New! Echobode Rack Extension
  • New! CBV Accordion ReFill
  • 20% discount on ReasonCourses‌.com
  • Olivia Broadfield features Remix Contest Winner
  • IMSTAFesta 2012 in NYC
  • New Online Training from Pyramind
  • Learn Reason with Berklee Online

Free Pulsar Offer is Almost Over!

Pulsar Free Offer

It's new, it's awesome, and it's FREE until October 1st! So what are you waiting for?! The Pulsar Dual LFO is one of those devices that causes many people to go from "What does it do, exactly?" to "How have I lived without this!?" Pulsar is a versatile sound sculpting powerhouse that will spice up your existing patches and even function as a synth in its own right. The best part is that until October 1st Pulsar is a free download from the Rack Extension shop. If you're a Reason 6 user, the upgrade to 6.5 is also free so run, don't walk, to get your free copy of Pulsar before it's too late!

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Daniel Snow Recording with Balance

Daniel Snow

In Albuquerque, New Mexico Daniel Snow is hard at work on his album. He's not locked up in a recording studio, however. Daniel has taken over the dining room table at home instead.

Equipped with a single microphone, Balance, Reason, and a collection of instruments Daniel has been putting together some amazing sounding tracks and we just had to see the man in action.

We visited his "studio," in between family meal-times of course, and caught a glimpse of Daniel recording his song "Supper." Check out our video of the song for the inspiring music AND for the cute dog cameo appearance.

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Polar Getting Started Tutorial

Polar Dual Pitch Shifter

The Polar Dual Pitch Shifter is a great tool for keyboard players, singers, and mix engineers alike but guitarists especially have embraced harmony effect devices like this for over thirty years and for them Polar is a welcomed addition to the Reason rack. In this Getting Started tutorial, we take a look at the basics of the Polar Dual Pitch Shifter and show guitarists some of the amazing versatility it can add to their playing. Guitarist or not, everyone can learn a thing or two about Polar from this introduction tutorial.

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How Does Radical Piano Sound?

Radical Piano

The sheer level of infinite variation that is possible with Radical Piano's sound is mind-boggling. Imagine a piano—now make it. It really is possible. And in this new video we'll show you some of Radical Piano's controls with simultaneous accompaniment to illustrate the changes as they happen. From body style and size, to resonance, and even performance nuances like key up noise, if you want to control part of a piano's sound Radical Piano probably has a knob for it. To hear what Radical Piano can do, check out the video.

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New! Echobode Rack Extension


Echobode from Sonic Charge is a flexible frequency shifter and delay, capable of creating a variety of effects ranging from pure frequency shifting and echoes to phasers, flangers, choruses and more. Introductory price until Oct 31st—Don’t miss out!

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New! CBV Accordion ReFill

CBV Accordions

CBV Accordion is an NN-XT based wavetable-/vector-synthesizer ReFill that allows you to play your MIDI-accordion or keyboard just like a real accordion! Featuring 686 waveforms, 52 patches, 10 instruments—whatever relation you have to the accordion, this is a truly unique and inspiring ReFill.

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20% discount on ReasonCourses‌.com


We are happy to offer two comprehensive and highly informative courses for Reason in the Propellerhead Shop. Both courses offers all the benefits of a school environment, with direct access to the teacher via email or on the forum. Each lesson is accompanied by written notes, Reason song files and Reason-optimised samples and presets from Loopmasters. Sign up now for a limited 20% off introductory price!

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Olivia Broadfield features Remix Contest Winner


At the beginning of the year The Unofficial Apple Weblog, SoundCloud, Propellerhead, and Olivia Broadfield joined together for a remix contest of her song "Say" off her latest album, This Beautiful War. Olivia was inundated with contest entries far beyond her expectations and pleased to find a level of quality far beyond her hopes.

In fact, she liked the contest winner so much that she's included the winning remix on her new release "Between The Lines". A big congratulations again to Mizimo (mizimoonline.com) and her remix of Say. What's even better, "Between The Lines" is free to download for a limited time only on SoundCloud from today (19th September). So check it out!

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IMSTAFesta 2012 in NYC


The annual IMSTAFesta in New York City is quickly becoming one of the best places around to get up close and personal with the software developers and apps you rely on every day in your music. This year is no different and Propellerhead's James Bernard will be on hand to meet, greet, and share killer presentations of Reason 6.5, Balance, and a bevy of new Rack Extensions… and a few giveaways to boot!

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New Online Training from Pyramind


Pyramind in San Francisco has been churning out graduates of its training programs and seeing them spread to studios, post-houses, game-development studios, and stages around the world. If not being in San Francisco has been holding you back from kickstarting your training, then check out their online classes. They're newest Reason 6 Certification program starts up October 1st so you're just in time to sign up!

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Learn Reason with Berklee Online

Erik Hawkins

Check out an instructional video from Berkleemusic’s Erik Hawkins. In this video, Erik discusses the importance of a great groove and how you can achieve amazing results using the ReGroove mixer and REX loops in Reason.

ReGroove Mixer in Reason

Berkleemusic’s Fall term begins on September 24th.
Want more videos? Check out Erik’s full lesson page.

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