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Propellerhead Newsletter

Well it's 2013 and the world is still here! In the event that the Mayan apocalyptic prophecy had come true, we had Ola our IT technician set up a server script to auto-send this month's newsletter to the surviving members of the species which hopefully would have included subscribers to our newsletter. However, since the world didn't end we've skimmed through and tried to remove the apocalypse-related stories.

In this issue:

  • What is Reason?
  • New ReFills in the Prop Shop
  • New Product Specialist Tutorials
  • AskVideo Monthly and Yearly Passes!
  • ReBirth for iPad and Figure

What is Reason?

What is Reason?

As Reason users, it happens to us all the time. Our friends ask us what programs we use to make music, why we use them, and just what exactly they're all about. If you've gotten this question before then you probably have tried to explain with something like "Well, it's kinda like real studio gear but on your computer and you can use cables and record stuff and like mix it and it's good for creativity and…also…" If you've ever struggled to explain in a nutshell exactly what Reason is then check out this video. More importantly, show it to those friends!

Check out the video!


New ReFills in the Shop

This month we see two cool additions to the Propellerhead ReFill Shop. And they seem to come from the opposite ends of the spectrum - one being the height of high tech and the other being the epitome of broken garbage. Musical garbage that is!

Detunized - Laid Back Piano

Excavated from a deserted backyard building in a Dresden suburb - all that was left of this piano relic was the housing and 90 percent of the strings. Nevertheless, the sounds it produced for this ReFill were really something extra. Featuring 13 combinator patches and 1,1GB of sample content.

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States Of Music - Memory

Pushing the limits of Reason's sonic design, this refill gives you over 200 unique sounds and textures - all derived from a combination of Reason’s core synths; Subtractor, Malstrom and Thor.

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ReBirth Duo Mode and Figure Jam

The latest version of ReBirth for iPad introduced a new duo mode, allowing two people to jam on ReBirth at the same time. Mattias and Kalle got their jam on in this mobile iOS music video, filmed and edited using iOS apps too! Check out Mattias and Kalle using ReBirth and Figure together, thanks to WIST sync technology built into both apps.

Check it out!


New Product Specialist Videos

Ever wondered why you'd want to do a keyboard split to play two synths simultaneously from one controller? Ever wondered how you'd do it? Mattias shows you how in this Product Specialist tutorial.

Okay, maybe by now you know the basics of drum programming but aren't quite sure what to do after the boom, thump, boom boom, thump parts are there. Or maybe you've got some good drumming chops but you've fallen into routines and habits to the point that all your drums are sounding the same. Fortunately Mattias will show you how to spice up your drum patterns for some new and cool beats.


AskVideo Monthly and Yearly Passes!


Anyone who's taken one of their courses knows that AskVideo provides some excellent online classes on a variety of things, not least of which are their Reason courses.

That's why we're excited and proud to now be offering monthly and yearly passes to AskVideo's dozens of courses and hundreds of video tutorials on Reason! But don't just learn Reason… these passes give you access to their entire 24,000 tutorials and 1200 hours of knowledge!

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New Post-Mayan Survival Tips!

Hey fellow resilient humans! We hope you're doing well in the new desolate landscape that is earth after December 2012. As the few surviving members of the human race begin rebuilding civilization, we thought we'd pass along a few helpful tips. If you're wondering if those berries are safe to eat, check out this tip on identifying foods that may kill you. And this tutorial on making fish hooks out of soda-can tabs sure will come in handy if your post-apocalyptic hovel is near the sea!


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