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As we're winding down in preparation for Midsummer, one of the most important holidays here in Sweden, we're not winding down at all in fact. Instead we have some exciting product news for you: Thor as an iPad app and one of the world's most famous vintage synths making an appearance as a Rack Extension. Enjoy! And oh - Glad Midsommar!

In this issue:

  • Introducing Thor for iPad
  • Tutorial: Thor basics
  • Tutorial: Audiomatic Retro Transformer
  • New Rack Extension: Korg Mono/Poly
  • Learn Reason 7 with Berklee Online.

Introducing Thor for iPad

Thor for iPad

To Reason users, Thor needs no introduction. This synthesis deity was introduced in Reason version 4 and have become a cornerstone in the Reason rack with its flexible set of oscillators, filters, modulation and routing. Today it's making its debut as an app for the iPad.

As an iPad app, Thor boasts the same synthesis features and the same massive sound as the desktop version, but comes with a few twists to make it a truly mobile music app. The responsive interface is optimized for touch and the on-screen keyboard shares some ideas with Figure. It can be locked to key and scale, making it impossible to hit the wrong note. This feature also opens up for a fun and inspirational way to explore musical ideas.

Users of Reason can move patches between the iPad and a computer, to either use your iPad creations in your Reason productions or to move your favourite patches from your computer to the iPad.

Thor for iPad is available now in the Apple App Store for $14.99

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Micro Tutorial: Thor basics

Thor tutorial

Do you want to learn Thor from the beginning? We have created a tutorial video that explains how to get started with Thor: basic concepts, parts and how to use the modulation matrix. The tutorial is based on the Reason version of Thor, but is equally useful for the iPad version as well. Great timing, huh? Almost too good to be a coincidence…

Watch the tutorial!


Micro Tutorial: Audiomatic Retro Transformer


The Audiomatic Retro Transformer is a new Rack Extension that comes free with Reason 7. Audiomatic is for your music what those insta-hipsta-analogififcation apps are for your cellphone pics. It's about taking your sounds and making them a little bit wrong in the right way. Color your sounds, add extra grit, or indulge in the lo-fi goodness.

In our new microtutorial, we'll show you how Audiomatic was deployed across an entire mix to bring authenticity to the retro vibe. A little retro here... a little retro there... and it adds up to a dramatically awesomized mix.

Watch tutorial…


New in the shop: Mono/Poly from Korg


Ever since Korg released their Polysix synth last year, Reason users have been speculating and hoping for what comes next from Korg. Most users will rejoice today as Korg unveils the Mono/Poly Rack Extension. The Mono/Poly is a software rendition of a classic analog synthesizer that first came out in 1981. The original Mono/Poly was famous for it's thick sound, great filters and some very unique synthesis features. The software version remains true to the original but adds a slew of other features: Full polyphony with unison settings, a modulation matrix and, unique to the Rack Extension version, four CV inputs that can be used as modulation sources.

The Mono/Poly is available in the Propellerhead Shop for €39/$49


Reason 7 classes at Berkleeonline


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