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Around the world Summer is in full swing. Here in Sweden the midsummer decorations have been raised, the July 4th fireworks in the US have been detonated, and in the UK they've done whatever typifies summer for them which we imagine involves watching Wimbledon while eating a scone. Here in the Propellerhead HQ we're in a rotating schedule of summer vacations and summer productivity, always bringing you new and cool stuff down the pipeline.

In this issue:

  • Reason 7 Press Round Up
  • Adam Fielding Artist Feature
  • New Electro Bass Tutorial
  • RE-2A Summer Sale
  • New ReFills.


"You like me. You really, really like me!"

The reviews are still coming in for Reason 7 from some of the biggest music publications and even some mainstream news like Time taking note. One thing seems unanimous, people LOVE Reason 7!

I can honestly say I have never had so much fun working in Reason as in version 7... The MIDI out feature is done very nicely. The sliced audio implementation is superb: so intuitive and easy to work with. I felt I’d mastered it in about 10 seconds.

With version 7, Reason has upped its game massively. This is a DAW whose independent attitude just got a lot more persuasive, and for the right kinds of users, could be pretty much irresistible.

We drastically retimed bass parts, synth lines and vocal samples and the results were some of the smoothest, most artifact-free we’ve heard from any DAW.

The new additions make it more complete than ever. Between the new audio capabilities, MIDI Out and the refined mixer, Reason suddenly feels like a hugely capable bit of production software.

All in all, this is a solid update bringing features that Reason users have been after for a while now and if you are thinking of moving from your current DAW, there really has never been a better time.

Reason 7 is an excellent complete package and becoming more 'pro' as time goes on... Crucially, the Props have managed all this while keeping it friendly and efficient, which goes a long way towards getting the technology out of the way and letting you make music.

If you’re looking for a stable piece of music production software that lets you get your ideas down quickly, sounds great, and doesn’t involve spending two years reading the manual, then we strongly recommend you download the free trial version of Reason 7 from the Propellerhead website.


Artist Feature: Adam Fielding

Adam Fielding

When Adam and his brother tried programming their own computer games as kids his own attempts were terrible. Fortunately however, the music Adam made for those games using ProTracker software on the old Atari ST computer wasn't terrible. In fact, it was so good he quickly outgrew what he could achieve on such a basic set up. After a recommendation from a friend and seeing the rack cables in action for himself, Adam was quickly a Reason user and now even pushes Reason to its limits with his epic full-bodied synth soundtracks.

After a couple independent releases, Adam Fielding's music caught the attention of Distinctive Records in the UK who promptly signed him for those and future releases. Now Adam splits his time between producing his own albums and soundtracks for TV and film use.

We caught up with Adam to check out how he builds up his ideas and arranges them in Reason using Blocks.

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New Electro Bass Tutorial


Max Rehbein just might be the best thing to come out of Germany since the pretzel! Never short on amazing sounds and willingness to share his knowledge, Max is back with another sound design tutorial. This time he'll show you how to make an Electro Bass sound using amplitude modulation in Thor. Sound complex but it's freakishly easy. Throw on a little distortion and you're off to the races. We'll let Max explain the rest but if you hear those Electro bass sounds and want to learn how to make your own, this tutorial is for you!

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Cakewalk RE-2A Summer Sale!


It used to be that in order to get this classic compression sound you had to get it through vintage hardware - the vintage HA100X UTC transformers, tubes, T4B opto modules, and other magic that went behind the deceptively simple faceplate. Oh and did we mention it cost close to 3,000 dollars on the used market, provided you could even find a working unit 30+ years old? But still, people wanted that sound and it's easy to see why. It sounds amazing. The computer wizards over at Cakewalk have modeled this legendary compressor in all its glory. Those transformers, tube sound, and even that T4B... it's all there in the sound. And best of all, this beauty is ON SALE for the summer. Starting today Cakewalk is offering a 30% discount on the RE-2A Rack Extension!

Check it out...


New ReFills in the Shop

This month two new ReFills from Sonic Elements each based on new sounds for classic Reason devices: Subtactor and Malström.

Malström Essentials

Dedicated to expanding upon the features and sound design capabilities of Malstrom and the Combinator, this ReFill contains production ready combinator patches and templates - carefully crafted for rich and highly tweakable sounds. Featuring everything from gritty LFO infused chaos to ethereal and progressive sounds, this ReFill will set your productions apart.

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Subtractor Essentials

Subtractor Essentials is dedicated to expanding upon the features and sound design capabilities Reason's Subtractor and Combinator. With its carefully crafted, production ready combinator patches and templates, this ReFill features thick basses, rich pads, searing leads and ethereal ambiences, as well as clever Combinators that allow you to further expand your sonic palette.

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