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It's coming up to Back to School time! You may have just stocked up on a new bevy of spiral bound notebooks, pens, and a bunch of clothes your mom made you buy even though the other kids will laugh at you for them. But that's all okay because in Propellerhead's Back to School world, the learning is FUN and hitting the books doesn't mean reading The Great Gatsby. It means literally hitting the books to sample them as drums!

In this issue:

  • Your First 10 Minutes in Reason
  • Reason Courses Beginner to Advanced Bundle
  • IMSTA Festa Returns
  • More Learning Opportunities
  • New ReFills


Give us 10 minutes, we'll give you a beat

10 Minutes in Reason

Do you find yourself exploding with creativity but unsure of how to get it out? Think you'd do a bang up job making beats that would be blowing up, if only you knew how to get started? Well we've got a dynamite new tutorial for you beginners called "Your First 10 Minutes in Reason." Carlo Nuevo (M.Born) will take you from the first launch of Reason, through setup, and right up to mixing his first track complete with drums, synths, and vocals. It all happens in just 10 minutes and it'll get you making music in no time. We think you'll agree. This tutorial is da bomb.

Watch the video...


Reason Courses' Beginner and Advanced Bundle

Reason Courses's online training is a great way for beginners and even experienced users to get the most out of their music production skills. Ever wonder how to do a particular technique? Want to take your production to another level with new ideas and inspiring tricks?'s Beginners and Advanced Bundle will take you through 30 lessons and get you up the ladder quickly to more and better music.

More than just a bunch of movies, this course offers all the benefits of a school environment, with direct access to the teacher via email or on the forum. So, help is always on hand to solve problems or just get feedback on your music!

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IMSTA Festa Returns

10 Minutes in Reason

IMSTA Festa is a big hang out in New York City with some of the coolest music makers and the top music software companies. Not since the pairing of Lavern with Shirley, peanut butter with jelly, or techno with glow sticks has their been a better combination to partake in.

On September 28th you'll learn tips from the pros, schmooze with the schmooze-worthy, give feedback to the people who make your software tools (like US!), and even win some prizes while you're there. Admission is FREE with registration so what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get over there to register for IMSTA Festa... IMSTA Faster!

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Still Hungry for Knowledge?

Reason Courses

Is all this not enough for you? Well you're in luck. We've got a few other learning opportunities that might be right up your alley. are holding their Beat Camp production workshops held at SAE in Los Angeles on September 13-15th and in New York November 1-3. Beat Camp is what it sounds like: Boot Camp for your beats. No you won't be crawling through the mud with a drill sergeant screaming at you but you will emerge a lean, mean, production machine. Read more...

They don't call it the Music Business for nothing. You can have all the musical ability in the world but if you don't have the business part figured out, you're spinning your wheels. Joe Solo Music Success Weekend Workshop focuses on building your personal road map for success. With the right plan tailored to your abilities and situation you can build a solid career and get your music the recognition it deserves. Read more...


New ReFills in the Shop

This month two new ReFills from Pink Noise, each based on classic hardware that's just screaming to get into your production!

Pink Noise Virology

Virology is a sound library based on the sounds of the famous Access Indigo2 (Virus C) synthesizer. Taking advantage of Reason's NNXT sampler and Combinator, this ReFill not only gives you the powerful original Virus sounds, but is also able to create entirely new electronic sounds!

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Pink Noise Revolver

Revolver is an analogue synth refill, based on the sounds of DSI Evolver keyboard. With more than 1 GB multisampled 24 bit content, Revolver provides vivid, dynamic and rich-sounding real analogue sounds. A powerful new synth in your Reason rack!

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