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It's Snowvember here in Sweden and we're putting the finishing touches on our Ikea-designed Igloos. We've saved some of the best for last in 2013 because since our last newsletter we've released a new amazing additive synthesizer Rack Extension instrument and launched a radical Reason promotional sale. Christmas has come early in Propeller-land.

In this issue:

  • Reason Radical Bundle
  • New Parsec Micro Tutorial
  • New Rack Extensions in the Shop
  • Read a new interview with KOAN Sound


Radical Keys, Radical Piano, Radical Deal...

Radical Bundle

If you're not a Reason user yet and have been considering getting yourself a rack of your own, there's never been a better time to jump on it. We've launched a new Radical Bundle with Reason 7. For a limited time, when you buy Reason (full version or Student/Teacher) you'll get the best-selling Radical Piano and Radical Keys Rack Extension instruments for FREE! ($149 value)

Radical Piano and Radical Keys bring instantly playable, infinitely tweak able pianos and electromechanical keyboards with sonic capabilities ranging from the ultra realistic to the utterly outlandish.

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New Parsec Micro Tutorial

Parsec Tutorial

Our latest Rack Extension instrument is called Parsec, an additive spectral synthesizer that will create some amazing emulations of acoustic instruments or other worldly sounds, alike. Additive synthesis can be a tricky concept to understand and all too often, additive synthesizers are tricky to program too.

Parsec solves both of these issues with an interface that is geared towards sound creation, experimentation, and inspiration. In this tutorial, we'll give you a solid foundation in additive synthesis and Parsec's unique approach to it. You'll be making sounds and freaking "partials" in no time.

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New REs in the Shop

New 3rd Party Rack Extensions hit the shop this month. Don't miss 'em!

Tritone Multiband Waveshapper

SoundMod Tritone is a multiband waveshaper allowing you to split your signal into three separated band and apply an individual waveshaping algorithm with a sets of control available for each band thus creating rich overtones.

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CV Mutant shapes an envelope into the exact progression you want, and was designed as a translation matrix to convert any CV signal into another. Take full control of your CV Signals! CV Mutant Envelope Shaper will make your life easier and a whole lot more interesting!

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Read the new interview with KOAN Sound

Radical Bundle

We caught up with music production duo KOAN Sound to learn a bit more about how they use Reason in their music. Little that we know that they’d reveal some truly amazing tips for designing synths and bass lines. Read up to find out how they create those gut-wrenching bass sounds and mind-bending effects!


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