Propellerhead Newsletter

Here at PropellerHeadquarters in Stockholm we just had our annual holiday party where we took a break from our usual schedule of geeking out on synths and having fun together so that we could instead celebrate an evening of geeking out on synths and having fun together! And now we pass along a little holiday cheer to you with our last newsletter of 2013!

In this issue:

  • December Sales Are Here
  • New Parsec Sound Design Video
  • PropellerheadSW on Instagram
  • Berklee Bachelor of Music Production
  • New Website: Rack Extension Reviews


Holiday Sales Are Upon Us

Holiday Sale

Your favorite music software and your most desired Rack Extension instruments, effects, and ReFills ALL on sale? It's practically a holiday miracle in itself! Don't have Reason yet? Buy Reason 7 (full version) now, and we will give you Radical Piano and Keys for free! Grab your bargain now!



New Parsec Sound Design Tutorial

Parsec Tutorial

Recently we released the Parsec Spectral Synthesizer, a new additive synth Rack Extension that offers a whole new dimension of sonic possibility. If you've never worked with additive synthesizers before, you might not know where to start. Fortunately, product specialist Mattias has you covered with a new sound design tutorial where he'll create some sounds from scratch.

In no time, you'll be comfortable with Parsec's generators, modifiers, and modulations. And you'll also learn the first rule of additive synthesis sound design: experimentation is welcomed. From here it's on to you own world of additive sounds so get going!

Check it out...


Propellerhead on Instagram


Well we've only be posting pics for about a week but PropellerheadSW has already achieved the gold standard of the Instagram genre: photos of food with retro filters applied! But aside from that, if you know and love Instagram like we do you'll know that our new Instagram feed is the most fun way to stay up to date on the behinds the scenes antics and general coolness over here in Sweden... and we don't mean the winter weather! Be sure to follow us, tag us, and post your own Reason pics to share too!

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Berklee Online Bachelors Degree

Berklee Online

We all eventually reach that point when our talent, our desire, and our opportunity converge into a single moment that elevates us to the next level. It transforms hobbies into careers and shifts interests into passions. If you're ready to take that next step, you need to check out Berklee Online's Bachelor of Professional Studies in Music Production.

Geared around a well-rounded curriculum with the leading industry standard tools and technologies, Berklee's degree program teaches you to be an expert with instruction from their own own expert staff of accomplished music production faculty. The inaugural class is gearing up for its Fall 2014 start and enrollment has already begun. What are you waiting for?



Rack Extension Reviews

Rack Extension Reviews

The world of Rack Extensions is just exploding with amazing instruments, powerful effects, and mind-bending CV utilities to modulate your sounds. has just launched and aims to keep tabs on everything happening in the Rack Extensions universe. Want to read more about that new instrument or effect? Head over to see what the experts are saying about the latest and greatest additions to your Reason rack!


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