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Well we're two weeks into the new year. How are everyone's new years resolutions going? Those promises to do 3 hour CrossFit training sessions every day of the year and read 7 books a month might not be holding up so well but there's one goal that is easy to achieve: Make more and better music than ever before. In that regard, we're right there with you! There's plenty of 2014 left and the best is yet to come from us and you. Let's do this!

In this issue:

  • Welcoming McDSP to the Reason Rack!
  • Muttonheads Artist Feature
  • Justin Williams: Producing with Parsec
  • Parsec Update: 1.0.2


Welcoming McDSP to the Reason Rack!

McDSP Rack Extensions

McDSP has been making highly regarded plugins for ProTools systems since 1998, and their DSP algorithms can be found throughout popular DAWs, Live Sound Consoles, and even game development audio engines. In short, they're the jam when it comes to quality audio processing. We're thrilled to welcome McDSP to the Reason rack with the release of their first - and definitely not their last - Rack Extensions. We chatted with Colin McDowell, the "McD" in McDSP, to hear about what they've done and just how excited they are with the future of Rack Extensions.

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Artist Feature: Muttonheads


He makes it look easy and in some sense it is but Jerome Tissot, better known as Muttonheads, is a master of infectious hooks and banging club synth sounds. Don't take our word for it, he's got the #1 hits to prove the point. In this special artist interview from France, Muttonheads walks us through his custom mastering suite and his latest hit "Snow White" track by track to see just how it works.

Muttonheads loves hardware and gravitated to Reason for its hardware metaphor. The combination of flexibility, sonic fidelity, and creative potential helped make Reason the backbone of his studio.

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Justen Williams: Producing with Parsec


Justen Williams, a music producer from New Orleans, knows that the best way to master something is to be able to teach it. And in that spirit, he has produced a video showing how he is producing his latest beat in Reason. The best part? It's really cool to watch! Justen taps into our latest Rack Extension instrument, Parsec, to get some powerful additive vocoding sounds on his track. Watch him layer his drums and generally allow the creative flow to go where it wants to go.

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Parsec Updated to 1.0.2

Parsec Update

Parsec, the latest and greatest Rack Extension instrument from Propellerhead Software to land in the Reason rack, has just gotten an update that is worth downloading not only because it's free to Parsec owners but also because it's cool.

Apart a few bug fixes, Parsec 1.0.2 contains over 200 new inspiring patches. You could think of this like an update with a Parsec ReFill included! If you've added Parsec to your rack, you know that there's no limit to what it can do and you've also discovered how inspiring new patches can be so make sure you update your copy of Parsec.

Update here...

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