Audio Cubes Givaway

Visitors to recent music trade shows have been mesmerized by the colorful glowing gizmos that are the Audio Cubes. Here's your chance to win a set of these innovative MIDI controllers that work out-of-the-box with Reason.

What do they do?

The cubes are wireless MIDI controllers that interact with each other. They can output controller data or MIDI notes based on their relative placement, on how they are rotated or by using them as proximity sensors.

The latest update of the Audio Cubes software includes full support for Reason's remote technology, allowing for effortless integration with your favorite music software.

Read more about the Audio Cubes on Percussa's web site.

The prize draw

We will draw three lucky winners:

First Prize: One set of Percussa's Audio Cubes + one Reason 15" Laptop Bag.
Second & Third Prize: One Reason 15" Laptop Bag.

How to enter the draw

To enter the contest, you need to be a Reason version 4 owner. Here's how to enter:

  1. Record a video where you tell (in not so many words) us why you upgraded to Reason version 4 and how you feel about it.
  2. Send the video to us as a video message on YouTube.
  3. When you send the message, please add your username (in writing) and write what you think would be the killer use for Audio Cubes with Reason.

The draw terms are explained below, but in short: By entering the prize draw, you give us the right to use your submitted statement on this website.

Please submit before June 19th

Want to enter? Let's go!

Terms & Conditions

Ok, here's the fine print:

  • To enter, you need to be a registered Reason version 4 owner. Why do we brutally shut out all the lovely people who haven't upgraded yet? Well, since the task you are asked to perform in order to enter is about telling why you upgraded, it sorts of limits itself to version 4 users.
  • By entering, you agree to having your statement and likeness appear on the propellerhead website to tell other users why you upgraded. We won't give your statement away to others (not likely that someone else would be interested, frankly).
  • All entries must be submitted before June 19th, Swedish Standard Lunchtime. Entries received after that will not be accepted. Ok, for the fun police out there - Swedish Standard Lunchtime means 12.37.
  • This contest is not open to employees or family members of employees of Propellerhead Software or its affiliates.
  • There is no jury judging the quality of the entries we receive, but a totally untouchable panel of jurors will rate the intelligibility of the entry. Simply: If we can't understand you, then the entry is void. This means: Please speak something close to English .
  • The winners are drawn from the list of qualifying entries by use of hardcore random provided by The result can not be appealed since you can't reason with random.
  • The winners of the three prizes will be responsible for any taxes that may apply in their territory.
  • Propellerhead Software is not liable for loss of income, loss of time or loss of direction as a consequence of entering this draw.
  • The Winners will be notified by email.