Propellerhead Software supports the Bob Moog Foundation

Bob Moog helped move electronic music from obscure university laboratories into the realm of popular music and for that we are indebted to the man and his legacy. Innovations such as the Minimoog have in many ways shaped the sound of today's music and have inspired both musicians and other manufacturers to push electronic music instruments further and further ahead.

When Bob Moog passed away in August 2005, his family established the Bob Moog foundation in his memory, dedicated to the advancement of electronic music. The goals of the Moog foundation are, in their own words:

"The mission of The Bob Moog Foundation is to document, celebrate and teach innovative thinking and to support and honor the legacy of synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog. Our four long range goals are: scholarship, outreach programs, unique community events and a Bob Moog Museum."

Propellerhead Software has decided to support the Bob Moog foundation by making a donation and by helping to raise awareness of the Foundation and of Robert Moog's legacy among Reason users. To achieve the latter, we have released a Moog-inspired ReFill, created by a team of experienced synthesists. The ReFill is free to download for all registered Reason version 4 owners and we encourage anyone who uses the ReFill to donate to the foundation.

About the Moog Foundation ReFill

Industry pros (and Reason experts), Craig Anderton, Mark Vail and Gordon Reid donated their best Moog-style patches, built using Reason's Thor synthesizer. The intent is to shed some light onto the world of music synthesis that Bob Moog pioneered. Those patches have been assembled into a single Reason ReFill and are available to registered Reason version 4 owners.

How to help support Bob Moog's memory

To make the Foundation's goals a reality, the Moog Foundation is in need of financial support, both from companies like Propellerhead Software and from musicians like you. Even if you have never used or owned a Moog synthesizer, each time you use a sawtooth waveform in Thor you are in fact using part of Moog's legacy. To donate, please visit the Moog Foundation's donation page.

Letter from Michelle Moog-Koussa

Read the letter to the Reason user community from the Executive Director of the Bob Moog foundation. Read more

ReFill Download

Download the Moog-inspired ReFill of Thor patches made by synth gurus Mark Vail, Craig Anderton & Gordon Reid. Available for free to registered owners of Reason version 4. Download here