The Moog Foundation ReFill

What better way to pay tribute to Bob Moog than through sound?

We asked three leading synthesists to help us create Moog inspired patches for Thor and now those patches are available as the Moog Foundation ReFill. The ReFill is free to download for all registered Reason version 4 owners.

ReFill download

Download the Moog Foundation ReFill 212 kb - Requires Reason version 4
After download, put the ReFill file in your Reason folder.

About the ReFill

The patch makers were asked to create a series of Thor patches inspired by Bob Moogs innovations. There are 20 patches in total, spanning from ye olde gritty Moog-type bass sounds to lush pads. If you use this ReFill, again we urge you to consider donating to the Moog Foundation.

The patch makers

Music journalist, historian, teacher, and performer Mark Vail is the author of Vintage Synthesizers (1993, 2000) and The Hammond Organ: Beauty in the B (1997, 2002). He teaches Propellerhead Reason to middle- and upper-school students at Sacramento Country Day School in California.

Music Journalist, Editor of EQ magazine and general tech head Craig Anderton writes about music technology just about everywhere and is the editor of EQ magazine. He is also an avid performer and luckily finds time to tweak Thor patches every now and then.

Gordon Reid is a UK based music technology writer, responsible for Sound On Sound magazines vintage synth column. To Reason users, he is known for the extremely popular series of detailed Thor tutorials in the Discovering Reason series.