Design and Features

Sounds as good as it looks. Works as great as it feels. We've taken care of all the tedious stuff — installation, setup, the works. You can concentrate on having fun instead: making music. With two channels of recording and inputs for all your gear, your instruments are always connected and you are always ready to record.

Clip Safe

Clip Safe is a magical lifeline for distorted takes – a red-eye tool for recorded audio. Clip Safe records your take on two channels, one at a lower volume. If your recording clips, it lets you substitute it for the other one. Don't ask us how it works, it just does.

Recording Meter/Tuner

Just a button-tap away, Reason Essentials' Recording Meter lets you tune your guitar and set the levels from across the room.

All the inputs you'll ever need. And then some.

On the back of Balance you'll find inputs for all your gear: two microphone preamps with phantom power, high impedance guitar and bass inputs with pads, and four line inputs.

Click to see Balance's inputs

Hardware input source selection

With Balance your instruments are always connected and you are always ready to record. Use the buttons on the front panel to select the active inputs. We've put all the controls at your fingertips.

Record Ready LEDs

When a Reason Essentials audio channel is active and armed for recording, the Ready LEDs light up. Just hit record and play. The software will take care of the rest.

Large main output and headphone level controls

On Balance the controls you reach for most often are the easiest to find.

Output muting and Direct Monitoring

Hit the Mute button once to mute the main outs. Press and hold the button to activate direct monitoring of the input channels, for latency free recording or standalone use.

Powerful headphone amplifier

No headphones are too tough for Balance's powerful headphone amp, ensuring earshattering volumes with even the quietest of headphones.

USB 2.0 powered

Plug and play – Balance is powered through the USB port. On the Mac, no drivers are required. On Windows, the drivers come pre-installed with Reason Essentials.

Built-in Ignition Key

Your license is stored on your interface. When you're at your friend's house, authorize the software through Internet Verification. Or bring Balance – it fits in your laptop bag.