Reason Essentials

Reason Essentials packs in all the recording, editing, effects, instruments, and mixing tools you need to sound great.

Just like its bigger brother, Reason Essentials puts making music in focus. From concept to completion, it comes with all the essential tools for turning good ideas into great songs.

Reason Essentials comes with a great selection of instruments and effects in a virtual rack that builds itself, or can be tweaked to your heart’s content—drum machine, loop player, sampler, synths, reverb, delay, distortion and more.

For guitar players, the built-in virtual guitar and bass POD® from Line 6 brings a wide range of top quality guitar amps, cabinets and effects. The intuitive audio and MIDI sequencer makes recording and arranging your music a breeze.

With its generous sound bank and familiar creative flow, Reason Essentials is the software that lets you focus on the music and finish that song.

Need more? Upgrade to the full Reason for more instruments, effects, mixing tools, and a huge sound bank.

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