Finishing Up with the Song and Mix Tabs

Books have been written on the subject and careers have been based on it, but mixing in Figure is simple enough. Balance the levels to blend the sounds. Does it sound good? You’re done! No quite right yet? Keep mixing.

After you’re done, don’t forget to play around with muting the drums on and off to hear a nice solo instrumentation break. Often taking drums out of a mix can actually build intensity and expectation.

Of course, under the hood, Reason’s legendary technology is powering the mixer in Figure. Specifically, Figure’s sound runs through something called the “Master Bus Compressor.” It’s a final stage sound processor that has been faithfully modeled Pump after a famous master bus compressor from a pro mixing console that costs a quarter million dollars. Just think of how many iPhones you could buy for that!

And if you want your ideas to pump like and jump like tracks you hear on the radio on in clubs, just turn up the Pump dial and you’ll hear a volume ducking effect known technically as “sidechain compression.” Call it whatever you want, it sounds good.

The Tonality selector can transpose the notes in your song around related major, minor, and dominant keys. If that all starts sounding like Greek to you, know this: different tonalities can color your melodies and bass lines with different moods, from bright and triumphant (major) to dark and moody (minor). And just like all settings in Figure, you can change this after recording your parts. In fact, you can play the tonality section live to create chord changes and variation across multiple bars of music.

If Figure’s selection of tonalities still don’t match what you are after, tap the centre circle in the tonality selector to turn off the scales and compose chromatically instead.

Save Dialog

Even though working with Figure is fun, there will come a time when your masterpiece is simply done. On the system page you will find the controls needed to save, rename, load or create a new song.

These three global settings are responsible for the “feel” of your song. Slow down and speed up with Tempo, Change the key of your song, or apply some groove with the Shuffle wheel.

On the song page, you can also set the length of your loop. 1, 2, 4 or 8 bars. Choose whatever suits your music best. Song Length