Copy Protection Done Right

To us at Propellerhead it's important that you can use your Reason software, Rack Extensions and ReFills wherever you are — be it in the studio, on your laptop at home, at a friend's house, in the office, or even at an internet café. Our copy protection is based around this idea. The software is always freely downloadable from this web site, can be installed and launched on as many computers as you'll ever need, and with the click of a button you can have all your Rack Extensions download and installed for you, mimicking your exact home setup on any computer in the world. Here's how it works:

Reason can be launched in three modes: Demo Mode, Authorized mode and through Internet Verification.

Authorized mode

The simplest way to run Reason in Authorized mode is to authorize your computer. You can do this on one computer at a time.

If you have a USB Ignition Key that you received with a previous version of Reason or one you ordered from our web shop, your license can also be added to this key. To run Reason in authorized mode you just need to connect the key to a USB port of the computer. With an Ignition Key you can take your license with you.

The Balance audio interface has a built-in Ignition Key. You can put your license on this built-in key, too.

Internet Verification

If you don’t have your computer authorized, your Balance interface with you or an Ignition Key at hand, you still have options left. Just enter your Propellerhead user name and password when launching Reason, and the program is authorized over the Internet. Should your connection go down while working, the program will not even flinch. Reason will automatically go over into Demo mode, letting you continue recording, editing, mixing – and, of course, saving your work.

Demo Mode

If you don't have an Ignition Key, haven't authorized your computer for offline use, nor are able to use Internet Authorization, you can launch the program and select “Run in Demo Mode”. In Demo Mode, you can work without time restrictions — and even save your creations to disk. That’s right. You can SAVE in Demo Mode. The only thing you can’t do in Demo Mode is to open your saved files or export your work.

To sum it up: should your main computer break and the dog suddenly eats both your Ignition Key and your internet router, you can still record (and save) the sound of him chewing!