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Reason sequencer

The Reason sequencer has matured. Fully grown and fully featured, Reason's music production environment now comes with vector and tempo automation, count-in, multiple lane tracks and Blocks mode.

To help you arrange your tracks in a smooth, effortless way, Reason comes with a fast and flexible sequencer. Immediate and intuitive, Reason's sequencer puts you in control of your arrangements, letting you move and edit parts as you go along.

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With a clean look, a ton of fresh features and a completely new way of handling sequencer data, the Reason sequencer has matured. Dedicated to turning your ideas into great music, the sequencer is swifter, stronger and more intuitive than ever. The key word here is flow. A sequencer device or instrument gets its own dedicated track, with separate lanes for note, performance and automation data, opting for a better overview and less clutter.

All sequencer data — notes, automation, the works — is housed in clips; musical building blocks that can be opened, sliced or moved. When a clip is moved to a new location, all its internal data follows right along with it, always ending up exactly where you intended it to. For safe, speedy sequencing. Every thinkable knob, button or fader can be automated with ease, and then edited and fine tuned in the sequencer.

The Reason sequencer makes your Reason experience smooth and snappy. Like the Tool window, an ever present floating window that provides lightning fast access to those detailed editing functions you use all the time; quantize, transpose, note velocity, note length and legato. Always in sync with your flow, forever adapting to you and your working methods, Reason's sequencer simply gets you there faster.

Sequencer Tips in Reason

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