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It's no wonder Reason's hyper-creative production environment is used all over the world... because it's the fastest way to get your idea out in unparalleled quality. Reason is at both times influential and transparent. When you want to get your idea down, Reason gets out of the way and keeps you focused on music and not the technology. But when you want to get tweaky, Reason inspires you to create new sounds, try new things, and push your personal limits as a producer.

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Cyra Morgan at home with Reason Essentials and Balance – Follow on a visit to Singer/Songwriter Cyra Morgan as she's recording with Reason Essentials and Balance in her Home Studio.

Recording with Daniel Snow – We met up with Daniel at his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he recorded his song Supper. By plugging in his microphone, bass guitar, and telecaster into Balance all at once, Daniel was able to quickly switch from instrument to instrument when inspiration struck at the touch of a button.


Basic tutorials – Here's a collection of beginner level tutorials to help you get going with Reason. From the basics of recording audio to instructions on how to use Reason's instruments, it's all here.

Advanced tutorials – When you're ready to up your Reason game, here's a collection of advanced tutorials on programming, mixing creative routing and more.

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Want to hear from the people who depend on Reason for their musical careers? Beat makers, DJs, producers, touring musicians, pop stars – check out our Artist section.

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