What is Reason Adapted?

The trimmed-down version of Reason that still packs a powerful punch. What is it? What can it do?

What is Reason Adapted?

Reason Adapted is a streamlined version of Reason, Propellerhead Software's award-winning music production instrument. Although Reason Adapted may not be quite as powerful as its heavyweight champion bigger brother, it's still a fierce fighter that packs a powerful punch!

Reason Adapted is included by various third party manufacturers with a number of different hardware and software products. The contents of the program is custom made for our partners, and the contents of the rack varies with each separate version.


No matter which version of Reason Adapted you have, you can be sure that all the devices in it function just the way they do in the full version of Reason.

The cables on the back of the rack allow for the creative and flexible patching that has helped build Reason's reputation, and Reason Adapted also supports ReWire for seamless integration with other sequencing software.

Rack Sequencer 255px

How does Reason Adapted differ from Reason?

  • Reason Adapted comes with a fixed set of devices in the rack. A selection of Reason devices are included in the rack, but you can not add or remove any devices from your song.
  • A smaller version of the Reason Factory Sound Bank is included with Reason Adapted. However, Reason Adapted can not load sounds from other ReFills.
  • While you can not open song files created in the full version of Reason in Reason Adapted, you can continue working on your Adapted songs in the full version once you've upgraded.

All Reason Adapted owners are entitled to discounted upgrades to the full version of Reason. Read more about the advantages of the full version.

Reason Adapted Demo Songs


The Salazar Brothers - That South Ish


Jeremy Ellis - At Last Minute


James Bernard - Global Dub