This is just the beginning...

You'll be having tons of fun with Reason Adapted, but the truly mindblowing stuff is available only in the full version of Reason. Users of Reason Adapted are entitled to discounted upgrades to Reason. Here's some of what you'll get in the full version:

Infinite instruments

Reason Adapted's fixed rack is to Reason what a connect-the-dots drawing is to a blank canvas.

The full version of Reason gives you more instruments, more effects and more devices, and allows you to create as many of each as your computer can handle. Create new instruments and effects by layering devices with the Combinator, or load up a patch from the included soundbanks. Get a closeup on all the devices included in the full Reason version 4 here.


Get access to a world of sounds. ReFills – patch and sample libraries created exclusively for Reason – are one of the most popular sample library formats on the market.

There are plenty of ReFills available for Reason users on this site and from third parties.

Read more about ReFills here.


Reason features a large soundbank including thousands of samples, REX-files, kits and instrument patches from topnotch sample producers and sound designers. It also ships with an additional massive, professional orchestral sample library created exclusively for Reason's NN-XT sampler.

Reason version 4

Got Reason Adapted 2.5? Version 3? By upgrading to Reason, you get all the new version 4 features, including the semi-modular synthesizer beast Thor, the RPG-8 arpeggiator, the ReGroove realtime groove mixer and the revamped sequencer. Read more about Reason version 4.

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And more...

As a registered owner of the full version of Reason, you also have access to update downloads, free ReFill downloads, and other free extras from this web site, as well as technical support - free of charge, of course.

Give the full version a test run!

Download Reason Demo
(Windows, 141 MB)

Download Reason Demo
(Mac OS, 156 MB)

The Reason demo has all the features of the full version but is save/export disabled, has no support for ReFills and quits after 20 minutes. The full version of Reason comes with a 1 GB+ sound bank. For the downloadable demo version we have compiled a smaller demo sound bank.

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