How to ReCycle - Step 1: Opening a loop

We will start with the file "Drum Tools Demo.aif" which can be found in your ReCycle application folder. Start ReCycle, and in the file browser window that appears, load this file.

ReCycle launch dialogUpon loading the file, you will get the following prompt: "Do you want to move the locator to the first slice point?" What this means is that ReCycle has detected a snippet of silence at the very beginning of the loop, and wonders if you want to keep this part. In all likelihood, you don't - if so, click Yes here.

ReCycle effects alert box

Next, ReCycle will warn you that "you can't hear the effects yet!". The effects are not enabled by default, if you want to use them you have to click the "Preview Toggle" button. But, more on effects later.