Drum stories

We asked Ryan Greene to share some of the thoughts and ideas that went into the recording of each drum set. Discover on this page what goes on in the mind of a drum maestro.

Alt Drums I

Alt Drums I ReFill Icon

Drum kits


This Maple Custom comes with a punchy 22” × 18” kick drum, 8” and 10” rack toms, and a thick 14” × 14” floor tom. This is a very versatile kit that is not limited to one specific genre.

Leedy Vint-1

The strength of a Leedy drum kit has been captured here. This is one unique kit with a 14” × 26” kick drum with a massive 12” × 26” sub-woofer that delivers a sound like you’ve never heard before.

Pork Pie

This drum kit has been used for many of Ryan Greene’s productions over the past ten years. The 24” kick drum mixed with a 13” rack and 16” floor tom deliver all the power you would ever want from a drum kit.

Snare drums

Beier Brass

14” × 6½” hand built Beier brass snare drum has a 2 mm thick shell, lowered vent holes, standard throw, tube lugs and triple flange hoops. Designed for a huge sound, but with versatility. Superb, controlled tone.

DW Flame Maple

DW Collector’s Edge Series 14” × 6” snare has a perfect balance between wood and metal, it’s boxy with bite!

Ludwig Led Zep

14” × 6” Ludwig Amber Vistalite. This is the well-known John Bonham snare produced for today’s modern rock projects but still with a tinge of the classic rock sound.

Pork Pie Snake Pit

This 14” × 6½” drum is still part of Ryan Greene’s personal collection. It's so rare Pork Pie asked to buy it back.

Yamaha Dave Wec 13”

This is the Dave Weckl signature model 13” × 5”, 6-ply 6 mm maple shell snare drum. It’s the perfect drum to cut through loud aggressive music. The unique dual strainer design uses snares of two different compositions and gives the perfect balance of precision and an open “airy” sound.

Tama Kenny Aronoff

This 14” × 5” Tama Kenny Aronoff signature Snare Drum is a beautifully engraved drum with brass shells and Brass Mighty Hoops. It is a great all-around snare with a lot of crack and impressive attack.

Alt Drums II

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Drum kits

Ludwig Beatles

Built in 1963 this Ludwig Beatles drum kit is a classic and everyone has heard this type of drum kit before except Alt Drums adds a huge twist. If the Beatles were produced like Mötley Crüe back then, what would the drums sound like? Well, now you know! The 20” × 14” bass drum, 12” × 8” tom, and 14” × 14” floor tom have never sounded like this before!

Leedy Vint-2

There is nothing in any drum library that sounds like this. The “Pulverizer” John Covington converted a Leedy 20” × 20” floor tom into a kick drum and mixed that with a unique cymbal combination. This kit can be used for anything that requires that “special sound”.

Tama Superstar

This drum kit belongs to Troy Luccketta (from the multi-platinum band Tesla). It comes with a 24” × 18” kick drum that will clearly cut through your wall of synths to a stage full of Marshall guitar amps. Comes with a powerful snare drum and toms that will enhance any drum fill you do.

Snare drums

Leedy 1895 13”

13” × 2½”, One Piece Maple 1890’s Vintage, calfskin heads. Not many people have even seen a drum like this. Great piece of history and a must have for any drum library.

Leedy 1954 14”

14” × 7” Broadway complete with original strainer and Chopper rims. This drum sounds open and massive!

Tama Superstar

Matching snare to the Tama Superstar Fire Kit. This drum’s birch interior plies give power, great projection and pop. Mixed with basswood inner ply that allows a natural shell resonance. Perfect for a pop, rock, R&B or hardcore project.

WFL 1939

14” × 6½v”, 6-lug snare drum for that warm vintage tone without missing any crack.

Yamaha Paul Leim

This is a 14” × 5½” solid brass shell with a luxurious chrome plating that helps create a tight, rich, expressive and well-balanced tone. Equipped with aluminum die-cast hoops this drum displays a seriousness that will make your track come alive.

Alt Drums III

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Drum kits


Ayotte Drums are known for putting wooden hoops on all of their drums. This drum kit really makes a statement and will round out your collection of drum sounds.


Troy Luccketta played this one of a kind Camco kit. Built in 1956, this aggressive and warm kit will not loose any punch when mixed into your track. With all the power that Troy brings when he hits a drum, this kit will be one of your favorite go to kits.

Leedy Vint-3

Big and powerful is the best way to describe this 28” kick drum. John Covington has the biggest collection of Leedy drums in the world and he’s one of the hardest hitting drummers as well. You can feel the air move from every kick drum and the power with every snare drum blast.

Snare drums

Ayotte Aluminum

This 14” × 6” aluminum alloy snare drum with wood hoops is perfect for R&B, jazz and everything in between.


You better have a huge sounding track to accommodate this snare drum. Built in 1960, this 14” × 5” snare is not produced like a typical vintage drum. Place this in your mid tempo track to really make it hit hard.

Leedy Big Piccolo

Looking for something unique? Then you found your drum. This drum will leave you wondering what size it really is.

Tama Starclassic

This maple 14” × 6” snare drum features a 13-ply 10 mm thick shell. The sound is tight and solid with an emphasized high-end “crack”.

Yamaha Dave Wec 14”

This is Dave Weckl signature model 14” × 5” 6-ply 6 mm maple shell snare drum. It’s the perfect drum to cut through loud aggressive music. The unique dual strainer design uses snares of two different compositions and gives the perfect balance of precision and an open “airy” Sound.

Yamaha Vinnie Colaiuta

This all maple, custom snare has been posted as “a rare find”. Very versatile, not too much ring but perfect for the right sounding track.