Ryan Greene Alt Drums

High energy punk and rock needs hard hitting drums. Treat your tracks with this great collection of sampled drums by industry leading record producer Ryan Greene.

Already in his teens Greene turned from hitting drums to recording them and has since gained reputation as a major producer in the punk, rock and metal genres. He has worked with names such as NOFX, Megadeth, Alice Cooper, Lagwagon, No Use For a Name, Good Riddance and many more.

Ryan Greene Alt Drums
Photo of Ryan Greene

About Ryan Greene

Having started out behind the drums himself in the early days, Ryan Greene soon found himself behind the mixing board. Live engineering at age 15 he gathered so much experience that MCA Music Publishing Studio picked him up a few years later, youngest at the studio but working with famous songwriters and producers Glen Ballard, Diane Warren, Desmond Child, and others. Greene would then move on to EMI Music Publishing as Chief Engineer, working with artists such as Megadeth, Tonic, and Alice Cooper.

It was during this time Greene met Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion, and Fat Mike of NOFX. This resulted in longtime collaboration on many of the bands’ albums – such as gold selling NOFX album “Punk in Drublic” – Greene doing production, engineering and mixing. The collaboration with Fat Mike went even further when the two started Motor Studios, producing many punk and rock bands during the 90’s. Greene with his deep recording and engineering knowledge would become instrumental in defining the sound of skate punk for years to come.

Co-founding the studio Crush Recording, doing work for the video games “Guitar Hero 3”, “Rock Revolution” and “Rock Band” in the 00’s, Greene kept adding to his already impressive career spanning over 300 records. In 2011 he was awarded “Producer of the Year” at the Los Angeles Music Awards.

This skilled producer has now put all his experience into the effort that is the Alt Drums ReFill.

Ryan Greene Alt Drums comes in three parts, each containing three drum kits with all their variations.
Pick your pack, or read more about the story behind each drum kit.

Alt Drums I

Icon I

Contains a versatile Gretsch kit, a deep sounding vintage Leedy kit, and the Pork Pie kit used by Ryan Greene for many productions throughout the years. An additional three snares are included, ranging from classic rock sound to heavier punk.

Alt Drums II

Icon II

This pack has a vintage Leedy kit customized by the John Covington, a Tama kit played by Troy Luccketta of the band Tesla, and a classic Beatles Ludwig kit twisted by Ryan Greene as if produced for Mötley Crüe. Added are three more snare drums, including a Leedy one from the 1890’s (!)

Alt Drums III

Icon III

Included are a wooden Ayotte kit, an aggressive yet warm 1956 Camco kit, and a big and powerful Leedy kit with a 28 inch kick drum. Three extra snare drums come with the pack, among them the rare Yamaha Vinnie Colaiuta, and the Dave Weckl signature model.


Each ReFills contains:

  • Preset Drum Kits
    Combinators with three different microphone setups: close mics, no ambience mics, and all mics
  • Producer Presets
    Combinators with three different microphone setups: dry, overhead, and room
  • Individual Kit Pieces
    90+ patches for NN-XT
  • Effects
    20+ patches for RV7000 and Scream 4
  • Sequencer Material
    100+ MIDI files for whole songs and their parts
  • All sounds as single samples

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