Reason Disco School

Make your dance music sparkle with Reason Disco School, the new ReFill from Propellerhead Software that recreates the classic sounds of disco. There will be fever.

Armed with the Reason Disco School ReFill you're ready to pump up those dance grooves with the sounds of the days of disco. Ranging from old school Philadelphia layers of lush strings, through club beats of New York in the late 1970's, to the slick styles of sunny Los Angeles, Disco School brings six songs in three different keys. From simple two-chord progressions to more complex themes with all the separate instrument loops included, and loads of variations. Reason Disco School puts a complete disco sampling toolbox at your hands.

Disco School ReFill

Old school sounds for modern styles

All sounds of Reason Disco School are sourced from complete songs, composed, arranged and produced for this very purpose. Based on styles from three different disco cities, six songs were recorded in three different keys, giving you a vast range of source material to pull from. Including many variations, fills, bits and pieces – building blocks for an endless variety of club and hip hop productions.

Pick your poison

When using Reason Disco School every level of detail is available to you. The complete songs are included as Reason song files, grooves wrapped up as Dr. Octo Rex patches sorted by instrument, and separate REX files for each and every sound. Drumkits are multisampled and ready as Combinator patches, and separate drum sounds as NN-XT patches and regular sound samples.

Club sounds

For your club music needs, Disco School is filled to the brim with electronic drums, claps and toms designed by electronic music artist, DJ and producer Sharooz, according to tastes of modern dance music and classic hip hop. Check out the demo tracks and club starters for ideas on how to use Reason Disco School in various styles.

The keys to disco

On top of all the disco grooves and looped goodness you will also get your hands on a collection of instruments based on the ElectroMechanical ReFill that fits perfectly with Reason Disco School. Reverb and distortion effects are part of the package, as well as "needle drop" snippets of sampled grooves. There's simply a whole lot of disco to play around with.

Disco School Philly

Through producers such as Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff, and the Sigma Sound Studios, soul music took a turn for the rich, multilayered arrangements of strings and horns on top of heavy back beats that would become the famous Philly sound – mother of all things disco.

Disco School New York

Slick styles of disco using muted guitars, and straightforward, driving drum beats kept evolving the dance music accompanying a budding nightclub scene in New York City during the 1970's, moving feet in lofts and studios everywhere. You'll notice similarities with artists such as Gloria Gaynor and Chic.

Disco School Los Angeles

As made famous by legendary producer Quincy Jones and his work with Michael Jackson, these rather lighter, disco-influenced pop grooves mark a transition of disco from East to West coast. Lots of subtle percussion, distinct string section runs, and sharp horn hits.

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