ElectroMechanical 2.0

WELCOME TO THE ELECTROMECHANICAL 2.0 REFILL, a collection of multisamples, patches and song files designed to bring the sound of those hard-to-find, easy-to-love vintage keyboards into your Reason rack.

Our main focus when creating this ReFill has been on realism; the keyboards used were carefully recorded using both vintage and state-of-the-art equipment, but rather than try to make these old beasts sound squeaky-clean and sonically perfect, we have embraced the flaws, quirks and errors that make up their very soul.

The result is a set of Reason instruments that are stunningly authentic and a joy to play. So here it is, the ElectroMechanical 2.0 ReFill, in all its warm, fuzzy, realistic glory. The ElectroMechanical 2.0 ReFill is available as a free download to all registered Reason version 4 and Reason 3.0 users. Enjoy!