The ElectroMechanical 2.0 ReFill is a collection of multisamples, patches and song files designed to bring the sound of those hard-to-find, easy-to-love vintage keyboards into your Reason rack.

Our main focus when creating this ReFill has been on realism; the keyboards used were carefully recorded using both vintage and state-of-the-art equipment, but rather than try to make these old beasts sound squeaky-clean and sonically perfect, we have embraced the flaws, quirks and errors that make up their very soul.

The result is a set of Reason instruments that are stunningly authentic and a joy to play.

Featured instruments

  • Wurlitzer EP100
  • Wurlitzer EP200
  • Fender Res MK I (tubed)
  • Rhodes MK II
  • Hohner Pianet T
  • Honer Clavinet D6
  • Hammond Model A

ReFill Contents

  • NN-XT Instruments

    Patches for Reason's NN-XT Advanced Sampler. Each of the featured instruments have a dedicated folder containing a number of NN-XT patches. These patches are your instrument "presets", and are divided into three categories: Mother Patches, variations of the Mother Patches and Tweaked Patches:

    Mother patches These patches are basic, no-frills patches designed to sound as true to the original, untreated instrument as possible.

    Variation patches These patches are, you guessed it, variations of the Mother patches, but with a touch of NN-XT's filtering and modulation magic sprinkled on top.

    Tweaked More artistic than authentic, the Tweaked patches use NN-XT's sound sculpting tools to tweak and warp the instrument samples, sometimes beyond recognition.

  • Demo Songs

    A number of expertly executed example songs that should give you an idea of just how lifelike, funky and downright good the ElectroMechanical instruments can sound. You can download the ElectroMechanical demo songs here and find out.

  • Combinator Patches

    A Combi patch lets you open up elaborate chains of Reason units - instruments, effects, pattern sequencers, you name it - in Reason's new Combinator device, all in one go. When a Combi patch is opened, all sounds, settings and routings saved with the patch are instantly loaded, allowing you to load up complex instruments - such as an NN-XT Rhodes running through three delays and a Malström filter - in just seconds. The files called Multi-setups in ElectroMechanical 1.0 have all been converted to the Combi patch format.

    Use the wheel! Whenever you can, try playing around with your master keyboard's modulation wheel to see what lurks under the surface; the majority of the instruments in the Refill have some type of effect - vibrato, tone color, Leslie - that can be controlled via the mod wheel.


All material in this ReFill are developed by and licensed from Chris Griffin, New York USA and SampleTekk, Kumla Sweden: The website of Chris Griffin. This website is almost as devoid of information about Chris as this page but you can at least check out some of his impressive work. SampleTekk is a Swedish company run by the Gigastudio veteran Worra. SampleTekk's goal is very simple: To bring you the absolute best in multisampled instruments

Photos by Börje Svensson, XL-Studio and Mark Vail, author of Vintage Synthesizers and The Hammond Organ: Beauty in the B, photos courtesy of the Audities Foundation,

Supervised and edited by Kristoffer Wallman, Propellerhead Software.

ElectroMechanical Demo files

The following demos were created to showcase the various instruments in the ElectroMechanical ReFill. These songs are also included as Reason song files in the ReFill.


Cruisin Down El Meco - Cinematic Groovy Funk from the woods of Småland featuring Clavinet, Rhodes and Hammond. Written and performed by Ludvig Carlsson.


Last Minute Blues - A collaboration between Americans resulted in this cool blues featuring The Hammond and Wurlitzer EP100. Written and performed by James Bernard and Scott Wilkie, courtesy of M-Audio.


Miss Da Meanin - Yet another work from the two Americans showing off the Rhodes MK I and some oral skills by Reco. Written by James Bernard, keys by Scott Wilkie.


Pleasant Insanity - This song must be heard to be believed. Brazilian keyboard wiz Thiago Pinheiro mixes his Latin influences with oldskool jazzfusion. The track features Rhodes MK II and Wurlitzer EP200, both in a straight form and heavily distorted, making it sound more like a guitar than an electric piano. Written and performed by Thiago Pinheiro.


Slow Gospel - Exactly what it sounds like, and very authentic too. Swedish cats Martin Jonsson and Jesper Nordenström are having a heavenly moment with the Hammond and Rhodes MK II. Written by Martin Jonsson and Jesper Nordenström.


Smooth Perpetrator - Slick, ambient, retro, cool. This track has it all, utilising the Pianet T, Wurlitzer EP100, Rhodes MK II, Clavinet D6 and Hammond. Written and produced in collaboration by the two producers Magnus Frykberg and Erik Jansson.