Melophobic Musings

So how did this project come about in the first place? Who is the ReFill for? We talked to Propellerhead Software's own sound guy, Kristoffer Wallman about the Melophobia ReFill. Kristoffer is the guy responsible for all our sound content and he is the mastermind behind products like Reason Drum Kits and Reason Electric Bass

What makes this ReFill stand out versus other ReFills?
- It's very obvious that it comes from one producer. It's packed with character and retains a certain sonic aesthetic throughout the ReFill. That makes it very easy to work with. Also, being a one man show, it still covers a wide range of styles and sounds.

How would you describe the sounds?
- There is everything from serenly beautiful sounds to quite ugly noises that sometimes can seem decievingly simple. But when used in production, you realize how great they sound.

How did this project come about anyway?
- We contacted Pascal when we were making the Thor patches for Reason version 4. It turned out he was already using Reason in his daily work and he was happy to contribute to the Signature Patches in version 4. We saw that he was dedicated and focused on what he was doing and from that project came the idea of doing a Creator Series ReFill with Pascal.

Who do you think will appreciate this ReFill?
- Basically anybody who is looking for edgy, yet useful sounds for contemporary pop production. It's probably not going to score big with the big band jazz scene. Also with it's collection of classic synth samples and loops, it should appeal to all synth historians out there.

So what do you think will be it's prime use?
It's a very good source of inspiration. People will probably use this to pull out a sound and use that for inspiration.

So - what's your favorite sound?
- Hmm... that would be the pad Accord Discord. It's a spacey pad for sci-fi movies.

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