Pascal Gabriel's Melophobia Machine

Pascal Gabriel's Melophobia Machine ReFill pops open the lid to the legendary hit maker's sonic treasure chest.

The Melophobia Machine ReFill lets you tap straight into the ways and working methods of free thinking producer Pascal Gabriel, giving you instant access to his particular kind of magic. This ReFill gives you a chance to add unique material from actual Pascal productions to your Reason tracks; Drum kits, Guitar loops, Effect patches, sampled keyboards, Bass patches FX loops, it's all there.

With sounds ranging from unpolished to outrageous, the Melophobia Machine ReFill is perfect for adding colour to your productions. Pascal Gabriel's Melophobia Machine is more than just a collection of clever sounds from a true studio wiz, it's a production tool, a tool for adding those unexpected elements that can turn a bland track into a masterpiece. You have the magic, now go sprinkle.

Pascal Gabriel

About Pascal Gabriel

Pascal Gabriel's music career started in London in the late 70's, remixing cult artists like Marc Almond, Yello and Can. By the late 1980s, Pascal was at the forefront of the dance music explosion, achieving Number One singles with Theme from S-Express and Bomb the Bass' breakthrough track Beat Dis. Since then he's worked with everyone from New Order and Erasure to Deborah Harry, and even co-wrote Here With Me and No Angel - the flagship songs on Dido's multi-million selling debut No Angel.

Fast-forwarding to 2008, Pascal has, apart from creating the Melophobia Machine ReFill, had the time to co-write and produce Miss Kittin's instant cult classic Batbox album and New Zealander Ladyhawke's self-titled debut.

A word on the ReFill

So what exactly is so exciting about this ReFill? We asked Kristoffer Wallman, the Propellerhead content manager, what he thinks are the unique features of the Pascal Gabriel ReFill.

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The ReFill contains

  • 88 drum patches
    Combinators and Redrum patches
  • 113 Bass patches
    Patches for Thor, Combinator, Malström, NN-19 and NN-XT
  • 36 Chops patches
    Patches for Thor, Combinator, NN-19 and NN-XT
  • 14 Chord stabs
  • 21 FX patches
    Synth and sampler patches
  • 37 Leads & Tuners
    Patches for Thor, Combinator, NN-19 and NN-XT
  • 43 Pads
    Patches for Thor, Combinator, NN-19 and NN-XT
  • 45 Effect device patches
  • 231 REX beat loops
  • 104 REX instrument loops

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